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Ang Langyaw’s radio interview at DZAR

During the radio interview at DZAR 1026 Manila or Sonshine Radio's Biyahe at Gimik program
With radio host Tony Cuevas

I’m on a roll. After being featured in some publications as a blogger and as a person, as well as national TV via Jessica Soho’s Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho program, here comes a radio interview at DZAR 1026 Manila, popularly, Sonshine Radio.

Biyahe at Gimik, the travel program hosted by veteran broadcaster Tony Cuevas and aired every Monday (focuses on Luzon), Wednesday (for Visayas destinations) and Friday (Mindanao places). I was their special guest for today, Wednesday, and I never thought that this interview would be light, conversational and fun!

When did you start to travel? What places are interesting? Have you been to Bohol…? and many more queries that I was able to answer well, describing places not limited to the Visayas but also in Mindanao, Luzon, and other places. There were also text in questions coming from listeners.

This is my first time to go live on radio but what surprised me at first was seeing how modern radio stations have become. They are high tech! Other than hearing one via radio waves, video is livestreamed via the internet!

I will post the video soon.

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  1. estancabigas

    di nama. hehehe

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    thanx bai 🙂

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    oh, you should go bai 🙂

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