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Ang Langyaw featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer

I got featured at the Philippine Daily Inquirer issue of 17 May 09
I got featured at the Philippine Daily Inquirer issue of 17 May 09, Sunday Lifestyle Travel section, page H-4

It’s not always that one gets to be interviewed and featured at the same time in the Philippines’ widest circulating broadsheet, the Philippine Daily Inquirer but yesterday, 17 May 09, at the Sunday Lifestyle Travel section, it finally appeared, almost full page.

I was first sent a text message by a former coworker from Public Affairs last year who told me that a writer of the broadsheet, Angge Goloy, was interested to interview me. She saw one of my mountaineering photos, blown up and hung at the department’s meeting room, asked about it and learned about me. A few months later, we were seated at Figaro in Shangrila Mall. Yesterday morning, while I was in transit to Cebu from Cagayan de Oro on a slow moving Trans-Asia ship, she texted me that it finally went to press. Presto! I just got really excited.

Well, the article really is a brief history of my career change plus some info. It was placed under the Travel section, which, well, good. It not only discussed this new phase of my life but includes my beetle collecting endeavor too.

There were some slight errors but not big enough to change things but I should correct these:

  • I wasn’t able to update her about the Jakarta Biennale XIII 2009 which was postponed
  • The name of Fr. Galenda should be Fr. Galende
  • The output of the Singapore International Photography Festival Southeast Asian Workshop is not the Mapping Invisible Cities work which was a separate exhibition and has been on tour within the region since last year.

For those of you who have missed the print version, check it online.

19 thoughts on “Ang Langyaw featured in Philippine Daily Inquirer”

  1. Woohoo! Nice one Estan! Congrats on being featured 😀

  2. congratulations estan! sadly, i didnt had the chance to grab a copy. i just read this today. you might have a softcopy of it.

  3. dr

    part kongrats. it will be an honor if you will cover our reunion this may 24 sa portofino. contak alforque

  4. reena

    congratulations. i hope they still put some erratum esp on the last item. 🙂

  5. Damn… I missed it. I usually don’t buy the weekend edition of the Inquirer! 🙁

    Anyway, congrats !

  6. wow! sayang lang i missed it! congats! 😀

  7. wow! gaining the limelight because of blogging.
    well-deserved… congratulations.
    keep on blogging about our country..

  8. You are doing excellent work in promoting local travel and our culture.
    Congratulations for this well-deserved recognition Estan.

  9. thanx to all 🙂

    @dong, the above has a link to the actual article.

    @dr, bai, wa nako sa cebu by that time, I was already in manila. pictures na lang 🙂

    @reena, well, i just hope they will put out that erratum

    @erik, copy ko na lang since 1 lang binili ko. you might want to check the link above to read the online article.

  10. Wow, congrats! Your site is really great. And I love all your shots. Amazing. 😀

  11. wow! good for you. congrats.. kelan rin kaya ako mafeature sa inquirer?. how i wish. hehe.

    2 years ago, muntikan na rin ako mafeature. dahil dun sa nahack na gmail accounts ko- blogger, gmail, etc.. kaya lang hindi natuloy. i was busy that time.. 🙂

  12. Well your were feaured because you done something good and you deserve to be included on that Philippine Daily Inquirer May 17 issue, congratulation…..

  13. wow, congrats estan! i was once an engineering student sad. hehe.
    wish i could also do so in the future — make blogging a professional career. 🙂

  14. thanx guys.

    ed, you can make it. but i’m not a professional blogger 🙂

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