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A ritual of faith

A flagellant during pre-Good Friday preparations.
A flagellant during pre-Good Friday preparations.

map_infanta.gifsemanasanta_logo.jpg This is a multimedia post

Sorry guys, I’m really very busy right now with a deadline. Cebu Ocho will continue, hopefully, by next week. For the meantime, enjoy and reflect on a semana santa series which I did and is my major story for my final portfolio in the Diploma in Photojournalism class (ACFJ-Ateneo de Manila University) which ended two weeks ago. By the way, this is only a slideshow.

I went back to Infanta, Quezon last April to do my major photo story as a requirement of my diploma course. This time, I spent several days documenting the preparation and actual activity that culminated on Good Friday. I have posted about this ritual here previously, which detailed my experiences and observations.

This was first posted in, my portfolio site.

11 thoughts on “A ritual of faith”

  1. Wow. Strong coverage as usual.
    And those rituals are quite stunning. I could use additional info to understand all the images.
    I hope your teachers will be as happy as I am with the results 😉

  2. gonli

    Beautifully done, as usual. Kudos to you, estan. Congrats in advance!

  3. reena

    i just read your loop series. i can’t find that article where you were interrogated by the military. 🙂 that sounds very interesting.

  4. thanx! 🙂

    reena, i haven’t posted that yet e 🙂

  5. Wonderful documentary photos. I’ve seen your story at inquirer – very inspiring.

  6. I’m from Infanta, Quezon and never have I seen such engaging images from my province until I saw yours. Good photography. You can come up with your own book. Or have you done already?

  7. phil guild guide, thanx. i was the principal photographer of fr. galende’s “Philippine Church Facades” book published August of 2007 🙂

  8. AsonCalle

    Congrats.. Nat Geo really knows how to cover..Ü


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