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An accidental foray in Boracay

Its a lovely confluence of sun, sand and sea.

theLOOP Boracay This is the 14th installment of the Luzon – Visayas – Luzon Loop series. Click the image on the right to check out the rest of the posts.

“I was speechless… I was struck with awe! What fine white sands. What emerald waters…”With the 1000H roro that I was to take from Caticlan to Roxas in Mindoro having engine trouble and the schedule postponed, I found myself paying the EXORBITANT environmental and terminal fees imposed on travelers in order to have a glimpse of the supposed charms of paradise that is Boracay. With just less than a few hours for the 1400H roro, I made a lightning sidetrip to this fabled island.

The first time I gazed upon the western shoreline of Boracay and I was just speechless! What fine white sands. What emerald waters. I was struck with awe. No wonder that sunworshipers of all stripes and colors whether foreign or domestic have been raving, singing high praises and coming back again and again to this island.

Its a confluence of sun, sand and sea coupled with the many conveniences found here that has become the siren song for many visitors.

One of the few passengers of the pumpboat from Caticlan to Boracay.

Boracay is just 15 minutes by pumpboat from Caticlan and it seems, almost every 15 minutes, these motorized sea vessels are crisscrossing the waters loaded with passengers.

Ah, urban convenience in a tropical and crowded “paradise”.

Another reason that makes Boracay a hit other than the activities and seaside frolic is the plethora of shops and restos catering to every whims and palates as well as accommodations suiting every type of budget. With such convenience, what can anyone ask for more?

A passenger boarding one of the pumpboats going back to Caticlan.

After just an hour and a few minutes, I have to go back to Caticlan in order to catch the roro. With such a brief stop in Boracay, I should come back some other time to relax and experience more of this island.

14 thoughts on “An accidental foray in Boracay”

  1. boracay is boracay. truly boracay is one of Asia’s best beaches and Philippine’s best in terms of resorts, good amenities. there are still more beaches to discover in this archipelago.

  2. and swerte namang aksidente nyan. boracay. never been there. really.

  3. I wonder if a “langyaw” like you would stay very long in Boracay…

  4. im not a beach bum so i dont feel the excitement of boracay. but i somehow dreamed of having the boracay experience and hang over.

  5. Dong Ho and Sidney, you’re spot on. but i prefer to discover new places than spend lazy days in tourist traps.

    lawstude, o nga e. when the chance became available, i quickly took advantage of it.

    jp, i’m no beach bum either. but for a pinoy, one has just to come and see what the fuss is all about this place. the next post will be my impressions of the place.

  6. Try Tambobong in Pangasinan. Water quality is great! A lot of caves to visit. There is also a sunken 100ft wooden boat filled with marine life. We went camping there ulit and just arrived last night. The locals we befriended caught fish for us for lunch, galing. I think this loop project of yours is really GREAT! Keep posting and more power!

  7. Kiko, thanx for that suggestion. I’ll definitely write it down in my notes.

  8. I love the first photo, great use of UWA lens. If you have a chance to explore the north, try the towns of Dasol and Burgos in Pangasinan (especially Brgy Tambobong). Lots of places to explore (caves, shipwreck, snorkeling sites).
    Btw can I link you to my blog?

  9. very nice pictures! seem to be jumping out of the page!!

  10. gonli

    Try going to Dinggalan Bay sa may Aurora Province. Nice place but underdeveloped pa. Rough roads going there but beautiful place. Imagine the waves from the Pacific Ocean in front of you while the mountains at your back.

  11. allan, gonli, thanx for the recommendation I might be able to check those out in the future, especially aurora.

    arlene, thanx 🙂

  12. Linda

    Thanks for your insights on Boracay. We’re planning on going there for the 1st time in Dec. How much did you pay for the pump boat from Caticlan?

  13. Hi Linda,

    I forgot how much but its not much as there are several pumpboats that travel between ports and its really for passengers. The terminal, however, charges several fees from Caticlan. Siguro di aabot ng P200 lahatlahat.

  14. vevero

    the luxury Shangri-La Resort & Spa @ Boracay was opened last summer, located on northern tip of Boracay island

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