Something we Filipinos should be proud of! Homegrown brand, The Discovery Leisure Company’s award winning Discovery Shores Boracay is once again nominated at the prestigious TRAVEL + LEISURE 2016 World’s Best Awards! Now is the opportunity to vote but before that, visit to first participate in a short survey. After completing the survey, you may proceed in casting your votes. Check out the simple steps below: That’s just it! Simple isn’t it?

Great news! My favorite resort hotel in Boracay, Discovery Shores just got nominated in three categories at the prestigious World Luxury Hotel Awards 2015! This attests to the world class facilities, quality service and famous Filipino hospitality that this wholly Filipino owned property is known for under these three categories: Luxury Beach Resort Luxury Island Resort, and Luxury Wedding Destination Discovery Shores Boracay is an award-winning 87-suite luxury resort in Station 1 of White Beach. The beachfront property features the highly-acclaimed Terra Wellness Spa and…Continue Reading “Vote for Discovery Shores Boracay, nominated, 2015 World Luxury Hotel Awards”

Boracay, from a hushed secret beach among backpackers in the 70s and 80s, when it was just another palm fringed island in the Philippines primarily inhabited by the Ati tribe and where the only entertainment at night were stories, singing and dancing under a blanket of stars and a gas lamp, has come a long way to finally become a world destination where people celebrate its powdery fine, sugar white beach, emerald waters, frenetic night life and cosmopolitan cuisine. But there’s more. Say chori The…Continue Reading “Boracay, more than a frolic at the beach”

After frolicking in the sand and swimming in crystal clear waters, of course, the next thing that you decide to do is eat. And you just don’t settle for cheap eateries. What is a vacation in Boracay if you don’t have good, no, great food then? A great vacation entails indulging in the best the island has to offer. Discovery Shores is not only known for its Filipino hospitality and top accommodations, it’s restaurants also serve great comfort food that is world class. Perhaps, it…Continue Reading “Homecooked goodness at Discovery Shores’s restaurants”

I always have some suspicions whenever I hear a restaurant offering Bacolod chicken inasal, that veritable Hiligaynon grilled chicken that is tops for flavor and goodness, that many claim to specialize on and are found outside of Bacolod or Negros Occidental for that matter. Perhaps, its because of the commercialization courtesy of Mang Inasal that I really don’t like and a taste that is quite different from the original. But I was fortunate enough to know the owner of Island Chicken Inasal, Niña, a true bloodied…Continue Reading “Authentic and good Bacolod food in Boracay”