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Good food at Boracay’s Aria, Cafe del Sol and Cyma

One thing that I’ve been liking about Boracay is the food offered in the different establishments. In my last visit, Cyma was a revelation and loved their large servings of seafood and pasta while I indulged in gelato in Aria Gelato and dessert at Cafe del Sol. Especially after a few hours of going around the island on a motorboat.

Of course, I have eaten in other restaurants like Don Vito Ristorante Italiano where we had lunch and dinner and a mexican restaurant but these three featured here were memorable.

Giant shrimps with Dill and Ouzo

I’m familiar with Cyma but I confess, I really haven’t eaten there until I got to Boracay. The Greek restaurant’s space is rather small and a bit out of the way, located in a small alley near the souvenir shops. But god, the food is great (and pricey). Large servings of food is more than enough for one person and their selection of pasta, desserts, main course and appetizers are good.

We had crabs and salmon pasta, steak as well as some soup but during my last day there, I especially ordered their Giant Shrimps with Dill and Ouzo. The prawns were really large and plump. Sweet tasting and coupled with the special sauce, made it all the more special. Ouzo, by the way is a popular drink in Greece made from a variety of ingredients like pressed grapes, fennel, berries, and other herbs and spices. I’m not really familiar with this drink but it contrasted well with the prawns.

The baklava, another popular pastry dessert is rather too sweet for me that I was having difficulty consuming the single slice but it was enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Aria Gelato's mixed berry and tiramisu, left; Cafe del Sol's watermelon shake and strawberry cheesecake

The heat was rather unbearable that’s why I went to Aria Gelato and got myself two scoops of ice cream: mixed berries and tiramisu. Both are great tasting ice cream that was enought to beat the summer heat. Fruit in Ice Cream’s Summer Cafe also serves delicious pistachio flavored ice cream.

Never to be missed, I always find myself gravitating to Cafe del Sol’s ice blended coffee or fruit shakes and pastries. I’m not so much a fan of their cheesecakes, its too light and fluffy for my taste that I suspect was mixed with cream. Not real cheesecake for me but other people do swear and rave about these desserts.

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