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Boracay sunsets, worth waiting for

Dipping sun, yellow sky, boat silhouettes

Frisbee catcher
I was entranced, awed. The huge disc dipping fast into the horizon with sailboats becoming silhouettes in the foreground. It wasn’t just any kind of sunset. It was a postcard pretty sunset enough to make beach revelers stop and stare or take photos.

Ah, Boracay. I’m back probably a year after covering the Boracay Funboard Cup the same month last year and, what you expect is just more of the same. Crowded, lots of tourists in a babel of tongues with Russian becoming commonplace, even with Cyrillic, the Russian alphabet written hand in hand with Hangeul (Korean).

But I am here to shoot a client just after the New Year’s revelry with many tourists going back only to be replaced with others lugging their wheeled luggage or huge backpacks adding to the foot traffic in the white beach strips of Station 1 to 3. Many are wielding DSLR, probably hoping to capture eye candies in various states of undress.

Coming dusk, sailboats coming in from the sea

But that moment, that late afternoon when I went down the stairs of the Treehouse in Station 3 and I was just greeted with the said beautiful sunset. Arresting. Never had I stopped and scrambled to take a photo all these years just for a sunset but the result can’t just give justice to what I saw. And then it was gone as dusk came sweeping in.

2 thoughts on “Boracay sunsets, worth waiting for”

  1. byaheng barok

    nothing beats the boracay sunset ^_^

  2. Anonymous

    yup yup!

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