Sto Nino procession in Cebu

Sto Nino procession Cebu opens the Sinulog festivities

The nine day novena mass opened yesterday with the Sto Nino procession in Cebu from the Fuente Osmena to the Basilica del Sto Nino and this signals the start of the Cebu’s biggest festival, the Sinulog. The festivity culminates on the third Sunday of January with a boisterous and colorful street dancing but on the […]

Iga Kendo

Photo Essay

An afternoon at a Kendo practice in Metro Manila

It was quiet a relief when I entered the gym that also functioned as the dojo of Iga Kendo Club during its practices at the Arena Fitness Club. It was cooler than the outside, less humid. But I got more excited of seeing for the first time kendōka (Kendo practitioners), that I have just seen […]

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