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Where to buy hot and delicious bingka in Talisay

Estrellita Villaver has been cooking and selling bingka pinalutaw for 35 years!

This bingka in Talisay is a classic and a delicious local delicacy that Estrellita Villaver has been cooking and selling for the past 35 years.

I grew up with this delicacy and we used to buy it from an ambulant vendor who pass by our house every afternoon. Every November 1 and 2, for All Souls Day, there are several stalls selling this along the narrow road leading to the Talisay cemetery.

This is so common and a hot, steaming bingka is one of the must eat traditional Cebuano delicacies you should try when you are here.

What is bingka in Talisay

Now, a clarification of terms. 🙂

Rice cake is locally called bingka in Cebuano or bibingka in Tagalog. It’s made with either or a mix of regular or glutinous rice flour, sugar and coconut milk. This is then traditionally cooked inside a claypot with fire above and below it.

In Cebu, there are two types of bingka: the traditional, which are oftentimes seen along the road when one travel north, and bingka pinalutaw. However, bingka pinalutaw is, technically, a puto as it is steamed but it’s just still called bingka, especially in Talisay. Louella Alix, the doyenne of Cebuano food and cooking, clarified this in a comment to my FB post.

Here, it is usually sold as is and rarely alongside the traditional type. In Punta Princesa, Labangon there’s a stall, Putuhan sa Punta, which sells this one too. Note the word putuhan.

Where, when and how to order bingka in Talisay

Bingka pinalutaw is available inside the Tabunok public market, at the section just near the tricycle terminal. When you see the stalls selling fried bananas and peanuts, it’s just a few meters away. There are also street side vendors outside of the market too. There’s also Amor Bingkahan at the intersection of Bacaltos Street and Cebu South Road in Lawaan.

At the poblacion, where the 19th century catholic church is, Estrellita cooks and sells bingka pinalutaw nearby. It’s available morning of Fridays-Mondays only. This is perfect if you happen to go there for a Sunday morning foodtrip and drop by her bingkahan for steaming and freshly cooked bingka. She’s located at the intersection of General Luna and Burgos Streets (map below). If you want to order, you can send her a message via her FB profile or mobile number below.

Estrellita Villaver
General Luna & Burgos Sts
Poblacion, Talisay City, Cebu
bingka in talisay
Streaks of ube for the mixed, plain (white) and ube still in tin bingka cups
bingka in talisay
Still steaming hot before taken out
bingka in talisay
Ube bingka with its rich and dark color
bingka in talisay
Bingka pinalutaw ready for buyers
Estrellita’s Bingkahan shack near the old church
@anglangyaw One of the best snacks in Cebu! Bingka pinalutaw! And here in Talisay, Nang Estrellita has been selling this delicious #ricecake for the past 35 years! Have it plain, ube or a combination of both at just 15 pesos per piece. Very affordable! She cooks these bingka Saturdays and Sundays and located a short walk from the old church. Just ask around for directions. #cebufoodie #pinoysnacks #bibingka #cebudesserts #localsnacks #talisaycebu #tiktokfoodie ? Criminal (Instrumental) – The Young Ebenezers

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