Peace & serenity in Jeoldu-san, Seoul’s beheading mountain

The breeze was cool and comforting, as I gazed down the Han River, enjoying a quite afternoon in Jeoldu-san. The promontory has great views of this part of Mapo-gu, in Seoul. The trees provided a much needed shade, rustling gently while the sound of birds and vehicles passing the motorway merged. Although serene and peaceful, […]


Where to stay

Seasonal Fish and Oysters Market
Seasonal Fish & Oysters Market: A refined dining concept in Bangkok

I wasn’t really prepared for what awaited me that night when Nicole of Westin Bangkok invited me for dinner at Seasonal Tastes restaurant. Although she mentioned about a fresh seafood spread, I was shocked to see for myself the sheer variety at the buffet table. Crustaceans including rock lobsters, brown crabs and langoustines among the […]

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The Manor

It was one of the charming bed and breakfast accommodations I’ve seen that is good for the budget. The Naga Manor, offers comfort and quite in a homey setting that is just walking distance to Naga City’s food strip, Magsaysay Ave. I was told that the mansion was a Marcos era structure (70s), that was […]

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