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Tangub City Christmas Symbols is all aglow and festive

Tangub City Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines. Yes, Tangub City is considered as one, what with its impressive displays of Christmas tableaus all aglow and all lit up that you can just gawk in wonder. It’s actually amazing with all those dancing colored lights, moving parts and the festive atmosphere can make your visit worthwhile and this has been going on for the past 25 years, and I think a rival to San Fernando’s Ligligan Parul Sampernandu.

I’ve been wanting to witness this spectacle for the past several years and its even ironic that we used to have a property in this city as my father is from here. But as I was in the area last week, I made sure that I paid a visit. And we did went, together with RJ, a friend. I was actually not sure about the availability of public transport but its not really a problem. The last trip from Tangub City to Ozamiz at night is at 2200H, thus giving enough time to enjoy these Christmas Symbols display.

There’s a minimal fee in entering the enclosed city plaza. This year, the displays aren’t really Christmas symbols but are replicas of famous landmarks around the world, giving this year’s event an international flavor! When we did arrive, I was just impressed at all those lights. The first replica we came close to was the famous Piano House in China. Though in miniature, you can actually discern what it is, unlike, well, some of the displays. There was also the lotus flower like Bahai Temple, Hogwarts, Blackrock Castle in Ireland, the Palais Longchamp in France and some more. With others, you need to have to extend your imagination, like the supposed to be Niagara Falls which was more like a white rock climbing wall.

But there was one display that really amazed me: the Venice Grand Canal where you can actually ride a small boat and paddle around! Well, that was the impression I got that it should be Venice and there are actually people who pay to have the privilege of riding the boat! This one is separate from the plaza center and is between the city hall and the Rizal Monument.

A new attraction this year

Other than the different displays, this year also marks the first time that the city has the dancing lights. To the tune of familiar music, the entire Christmas displays actually jive with the rhythm and beat and it can be fun too.

I was really amazed at the Tangub City Christmas Symbols displays. It was very colorful, bright and fun and there’s no shortage of food to have at the sides but still within the enclosed plaza. Once you go outside, there are additional colorful displays as well as massive, well lit arches to brighten your way. Although rather far, a visit is well worth it.

tangub city christmas symbols
The Tangub City Plaza all lit up with their massive Christmas Symbols. These in the form of replicas of famous structures around the world.
tangub city christmas symbols
Wait, Venice Grand Canal?
tangub city christmas symbols
This train goes around the plaza for riding guests
tangub city christmas symbols
The Bahai Temple in miniature
tangub city christmas symbols
Blackrock Castle transported from Ireland 🙂
tangub city christmas symbols
I’m not really sure if Harry Potter will recognize Hogwarts, but probably with the winged boars at the entrance
tangub city christmas symbols
Uhm, it says Niagara Falls but I am having difficulty relating it to the actual wonder
This is supposed to be Palais Longchamp in Marseille, France
tangub city christmas symbols
That’s a replica of the Piano House in China
tangub city christmas symbols
Another Christmas tableau outside the city plaza perimeter
tangub city christmas symbols
At the sidelines of the Christmas Symbol tableau is this festive area where there are lots of vendors
tangub city christmas symbols
The Christmas Symbols assembled at the city plaza is well attended by locals and tourists

Christmas Symbols
Tangub City Plaza
Tangub City, Misamis Occidental

GETTING THERE: Tangub City is around 20-30 minutes south of Ozamiz City. One has to take the national highway going to Pagadian City. The Christmas displays are located in the city plaza and there’s a minimal entrance fee. Eateries are located within the enclosed plaza. Public transport is available between Ozamiz and Tangub. The last trip for vans is 1930H while buses are until 2200H. It’s better to stay in Ozamiz City.

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