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You need a reliable pocket wifi in Japan, a Skyroam review

Because… Instagram. Facebook. Ingress. Pokemon Go. Because… you can’t actually rely on the free wifi available like in Osaka. Just some of the few but important reasons why you need a reliable pocket wifi in Japan. And just like you who continually update my social media accounts on my whereabouts, bringing one is actually better and less of a hassle than booking one in Japan. Thanx to Skyroam, I was able to be online whenever I want, wherever I am.

It was last November when I visited and traveled around Aichi Prefecture, where Nagoya is the capital that I got to experience Skyroam. I traveled not only in the main city center but even in the provincial parts including Himakajima, an island in Minamichita at the southern part of Aichi. How does Skyroam perform as a pocket wifi in Japan? Or specifically how is it as a pocket wifi in Nagoya or in Aichi?

Skyroam, a reliable pocket wifi in Japan
A shrine at the Shimpukuji Temple grounds

My experience with Skyroam

Reliability. Okay, first things first. Generally, Skyroam is reliable. I didn’t have problems while traveling around Aichi. But note that pocket wifi reliability depends on the 3G/LTE providers that it connects to in the area. While I experienced signal problems in a few instances, these were usually in long stretches of roads with dense forests while traveling from one area to the next. But once in towns and cities, there was no problem, except for one instance indoor wherein signal penetration was a bit difficult but this problem was addressed when I used the hotel’s indoor wifi. Because it is Japan and not some country like ours, FAST BROADBAND MOBILE INTERNET. There.

Battery power. Despite its small size, battery power is generally good for a day. But don’t miss charging it at night if you don’t have a power bank. I made the mistake of not charging it before I slept thinking that it is still good but by noon the next day and I had to connect my power bank to it. There were days of heavy use, especially when you’re desperate to catch your first (and second and third) Farfetch’d, a Pokemon Go regional exclusive or hacking those portals (Ingress game) wherein you are online most of the time, other than updating Instagram. There was even one night wherein I spent a few hours below the Nagoya Tower catching all those Charmanders sprouting around till 1 AM and Skyroam was my portable hotspot. Even if it rained a bit, there was no signal degradation experienced.

Ease of use. One thing about using Skyroam is the ease of using the device. Just switch on and wait for the signal then connect. It’s that easy. And once connected, I just dump it in my sling bag and forget. It’s small size is also a plus as it doesn’t compete with bag space or you can just keep it inside your pocket.

Reasonable cost. At just P490 per day (there’s actually a P390 rate for some select Asian countries including Japan. The rest are: Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Macau, Singapore, China, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and Sri Lanka), I think its reasonable and slightly cheaper compared to the ones offered by Globe and Smart with their data roaming rates. The good thing is there’s no bill shock after your trip. Skyroam works in 24 hour cycles so you have the option of using it today and after 24 hours or even less, turn it off and use it again later, with the next 24 hour cycle billing when you use it again. You can connect maximum of five devices for its fast and secure wifi.

Skyroam, a reliable pocket wifi in Japan
Have Skyroam, will travel!

You can get your device even before you leave the country either by picking it up at specific points in Metro Manila or have it delivered free (Metro Manila, for a fee, outside Metro Manila). I think this eliminates the uncertainty of booking and getting your unit when you arrive in Japan. You can eventually use it once the plane has landed. And you can also return it via those points or have it picked up. In my case, as my schedule in Makati was rather tight, I picked it up and returned it myself.

There. Skyroam for a reliable pocket wifi in Japan. And they’re also available in over 100 other countries.

Thanx to Skyroam for the fast and secure internet hotspot while I was in Aichi Prefecture. You can check them at their website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. HHS

    WiFi speed seems to be very slow. This is due to Skyroam using 3G not LTE.

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