Skyroam, a reliable pocket wifi in Japan

Because… Instagram. Facebook. Ingress. Pokemon Go. Because… you can’t actually rely on the free wifi available like in Osaka. Just some of the few but important reasons why you need a reliable pocket wifi in Japan. And just like you who continually update my social media accounts on my whereabouts, bringing one is actually better and less of a hassle than booking one in Japan. Thanx to Skyroam, I was able to be online whenever I want, wherever I am. It was last November when…Continue Reading “You need a reliable pocket wifi in Japan, a Skyroam review”

Christmas is near and for the big coffee shop brands, they’re coming out with their usual, much coveted, but admittedly, rarely used planners. Why pay for something that you don’t really use? Bo’s Coffee on the other hand bucks the trend and brings you ORIGINS, a travel journal! This is Bo’s Coffee’s thrust of showcasing Philippine coffee from different regions, different social enterprises that have made a big difference in communities as partners and a way of featuring local talent, both writers and photographers. (DISCLOSURE:…Continue Reading “10 reasons why you’ll love ORIGINS travel journal”

It is the first time that this kind of ebook has been done for the Sinulog, actually, one of three projects planned. Is the information and content useful? Click to read and find out!