It was five months since the the pandemic lockdown started that I just missed traveling so much. And out of the blue, wrote down some travel musings last 25 August, 2020. Here’s what I posted… Photo above taken at the Abu Dhabi airport as we were heading to the terminal for the connecting flight to Paris, 2013. The Americas I will travel to Canada to visit family. But before that, I will stop in South Korea for two weeks to avail of the no visa…Continue Reading “Travel musings from August 2020”

Osaka Castle in Autumn

It was my first, a visit to Osaka Castle in Autumn proved to be a resplendent experience. Yellow, orange and red colors painted the castle grounds as trees were in autumn foliage. It was beautiful to look at. So much beautiful than seeing it in photos or videos. The colors were alive, the wind is cool and I was there under the trees, awestruck at what I was seeing. This was a much better experience when I was touring the Aichi region two weeks earlier,…Continue Reading “Resplendent colors at Osaka Castle in Autumn”

Tokyo Metro

Visiting Japan has been very convenient than ever and for many Filipinos and most international tourists, Tokyo is almost on everyone’s bucket list. But despite the ease, it can be overwhelming at times. Other than the language barrier, the second most significant concern, I think, is how to go around the city and visit the different tourist spots and shopping areas? Or how does one get to this particularly good Michelin starred restaurant? The answer: take the Tokyo Metro. In this post, I’m listing the…Continue Reading “10 Reasons why you should take the Tokyo Metro”

Shinpukuji Tempe

The bus sped into the town outskirts of Okazaki, past villages and fields and into the forested steads of Shinpukujicho. The air is fresh and crisp, the sound of waving bamboo, tall and slender, swaying with the winds with its leaves rustling. It reminded me of the elegant stands at Arashiyama but smaller. Shinpuku-ji Temple grounds. Forested. Close to nature and beautiful. It was in the year 594 when Mononobe no Masachi saw a shining light at the top of a mountain. When he climbed…Continue Reading “Shinpuku-ji Temple, Aichi Prefecture’s oldest temple”

Skyroam, a reliable pocket wifi in Japan

Because… Instagram. Facebook. Ingress. Pokemon Go. Because… you can’t actually rely on the free wifi available like in Osaka. Just some of the few but important reasons why you need a reliable pocket wifi in Japan. And just like you who continually update my social media accounts on my whereabouts, bringing one is actually better and less of a hassle than booking one in Japan. Thanx to Skyroam, I was able to be online whenever I want, wherever I am. It was last November when…Continue Reading “You need a reliable pocket wifi in Japan, a Skyroam review”