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neoneo Grill House opens in Barangay Kasambagan

Having been out of Cebu for almost the whole month of November due to trips in Japan and in Bicol, I was just glad to come back and indulge in oh so good Cebuano food at the newly opened neoneo Grill House at the new location at Barangay Kasambagan, which is just behind Sarossa International Hotel. The old Mabolo branch has already closed and transferred to this new and better location which has a good and big parking area, a well thought out interior that is spacious and provides al fresco and air conditioned dining. I’ve dined previously at the Mabolo branch but I like this newer one better.

But of course, its the food that you have to enjoy and savor at neoneo Grill House. Although it is typical Filipino food, it does showcase Cebuano dishes. I just love the mongos, mung beans soup with pieces of pork. I really love this dish even when it’s cooked at home and was glad that they have it. I got a small bowl and the first that I ate when I got to the table. It’s delicious although they just need to temper a little bit the ginger but good enough for an abre gana, an appetite opener and something to warm the belly.

Grilled Cebu chorizo is another favorite that is on offer. Whenever I go to Larsians in Fuente or buy some barbecue for a lunch or dinner at home, this one is always included. I love the sweet-spicy flavor and dig the burnt parts and especially great when eaten with one’s hands. And there were more: fresh lumpiang ubod with authentic white garlic sauce which is a Cebu tradition, unlike the ones that uses brown peanut sauce which is common in Metro Manila. But this one? Garlicky sauce that I love. It’s well flavored unlike those that are more flour and water. The crunch of the ubod (coconut pith), pieces of meat and vegetables, well, these are what makes the Cebu fresh lumpia the best there is.

And of course, ngohiong which goes well with its sauce, crispy pata, Cebu adobo which is dry and usually fried unlike the ones found in other provinces, there was tuna panga (jaw) from Gensan, sliced itlog maalat (salted duck eggs) with tomatoes and many more. You can even have fresh seafood and have it cooked the way you like it.

But two dishes that you should try at neoneo Grill House:

a) The signature dish which is the grilled manok bisaya (native chicken), yeah, we are proud of our native chicken, its authentic, 100% Bisaya! It’s flavorful and delicious but I really don’t know why, looking at it, it reminds me of San Sebastian, perhaps the skewers?

b) The boodle meal especially for groups. You can either choose the set boodle meal or customize it however you want, choosing the dishes you want to include

neoneo Grill House is one of the popular Cebuano/Filipino food to go to with several branches around the city. Food is not only good but its accessible and great for family, friends and workmates.

NeoNeo Grill House’s signature dish, the grilled Manok Bisaya. It’s wonderfully flavorful!
The facade of the new NeoNeo Grill House at Barangay Kasambagan
Sweet ripe mangoes…
Of course, ngohiong is always present
Cebuano dishes, clockwise from top left: Grilled Cebu chorizo, Cebu fresh lumpia with authentic garlic based white sauce, mongos (!!!) and, you can also have fresh seafood cooked
The boodle meal of NeoNeo Grill House can even be customized depending on the number of diners and the food you want to include

Thanx to NeoNeo Grill House for the branch opening invite.

NeoNeo Grill House
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