Passport renewal at the new DFA Mandaue

My cancelled passport.

It was just a few months ago that my old passport was given an extension as I needed to fly to Singapore for a blogging trip. Before the said extension was approved, I was told to renew my passport ASAP even if the validity of the extended date is still two years from now. Also, wanting to have a brown e-passport, I had reason to go to the new DFA Visayas office in Mandaue City.

At the DFA atrium where people wait for their numbers to be called.

While the whole renewal process is just less than 1.5 hours, getting the priority number was more of a chore unlike in DFA Manila where one can set an online appointment.

Below are some points that I have observed during this passport renewal process two days ago:

  • DFA Cebu office has already transferred to Mandaue City. It’s now infront of Gaisano Pacific Mall.
  • be there as early as 4Am when the line is still shorter. Shorter line means you get to have those first few twenty numbers assuring you of finishing before lunch.
  • Always be attentive especially when the guards start to give out the priority numbers around 7:30 AM else you’ll get farther numbers. The crowd can get excited and some will try to get infront of others.
  • Once you get the priority number, DFA Mandaue will start processing applications only at 9AM. Either you go home and come back or just spend time at the Jollibee or Chowking branches a few meters from the DFA office.
  • DFA starts processing at 9AM but will call out minors first. If you have minor applicants, this is better as you can hand in your papers early than the rest. No priority numbers needed.
  • Regular processing via priority numbers will then commence so just listen once your number is called. The rest is smooth and you’ll finish soon enough. No need to bring photos. Your photo will be taken at DFA.
  • for any questions relating to LBC delivery, do check their website out.

To avoid hassle free application processing, make sure all requirements are at hand. Photocopiers as well as LBC courier are also present inside the DFA so no need to look for copiers outside the building or arranging for a courier delivery of passports.

E-passport finally arrived after 25 business days via LBC.

For questions about passport renewal requirements, check the DFA website.

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