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Philippine passport: renewal or extension?

Department of Foreign Affairs Consular Office along Macapagal Boulevard

Passport extension stamp
If not for an invite by an airline to visit Hong Kong next week, I would have pushed through with my passport renewal on the 29th of July. But then, the trip was scheduled a day before and I was scrambling to have my passport’s validity extended so that I can travel, a month before it will eventually expire.

There are only three conditions an extension is possible and all three deal with emergencies. But that is on paper. It actually depends on how you convince the one handling your case during the interview. In my case, I requested a letter of invitation as a supporting document, photocopies of the first few front and back pages of my passport as well as a letter of request stating my case.

Steps in having the passport’s validity extended, applicable to Metro Manila applicants:

  • With the documents at hand (check above, bold), I entered Gate 3 of the DFA Consular Office along Macapagal Ave.
  • Enter Door 3 and proceed to the desk at one’s left. Tell the person that you want to have your passport extended while showing your documents. The person will then staple these with a form and direct you to go to the Passport Division
  • Enter the Passport Division. The security guard at the entrance will give you a numbered stub where you will fill in your name and intention. Give this to the second guard
  • Wait for your name to be called. In my case, I waited for 3 hours to have my turn so better be early. The office will open at 7 AM so be there at that time if you don’t want to sit it out.
  • Once your name is called, you are directed to a table with a person who will look at your documents and do the interview. If you’re cordial, and have a valid reason, the interview will just be quite short and you will be told to pay the fee.
  • Head to the second floor, pay the P200 fee and go back to the interviewer and handing him/her the receipt. The person will then give you the schedule when you’ll be back to pick up the passport. No assurance is given at this time that one’s passport validity will be extended.

Once you’re back at the DFA on the given schedule, (in my case, it was two days later. In the provinces, it is shorter. A friend in Cebu even got his extended passport validity on the same day):

  • Enter Gate 3 of the DFA Consular Office then enter Door 1.
  • Proceed to the Passport Division, again, and give the receipt to the second guard who you dealt with when you first came.
  • Wait for your name to be called. Depending on the number of people claiming, but really, it was just a few minutes wait.
  • Once called, proceed to the person holding your passport. He/she will then explain if it was extended or not. If extended, you will be told that they will do it only once and no further chances will be given in the future. You will also be adviced to always renew it on time.
  • You’re done.

Extending one’s passport validity is really a breeze, except the long waiting time for the interview because of the queue. Mine was extended for two years. As much as possible, have your passports renewed on schedule or even a year before it expires so that you won’t be having problems later on.

Department of Foreign Affairs – Consular Office
ASEANA Business Park
Bradco Ave. cor Macapagal Boulevard,
Pasay City
+632 8344424, 8344855

Getting there:

Taking the taxi is the most convenient but for those who are on budget, you have two options:

  • Option 1: Take a white jeep near the Ceres terminal near Buendia LRT bound for MOA. There are also blue and red jeeps but these park at the opposite wing, a long walk. Once in SM Mall of Asia (MOA), take the white jeep bound for Rotonda/EDSA MRT that also passes the DFA. If not sure, ask the drivers there.
  • Option 2: Below the EDSA – Taft MRT are jeepneys bound for DFA Macapagal Ave. and MOA. Ride these.
  • Option 3: Take the yellow jeeps from MOA bound for Baclaran which passes DFA.
  • Option 4: Take buses in EDSA bound for MIA which passes by DFA.

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    You may also add this in your option on how to get there.

    From Edsa, They may take a bus bound to Baclaran or MIA, it will pass by DFA

    or from MOA, they may take the “yellow cabs” (small yellow jeeps)going to Baclaran, it also passes by in DFA.

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