Cabinzero travel carry on bag

My travel carry on bag for the past six months has been using the Cabinzero 44L lightweight cabin bag in Military Green color. This, for most of my travels around the Philippines and abroad. From Cebu to Manila as far as Taipei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, it has been my travel bag of choice. It is sturdy, has enough space for most of my things including a laptop and I can lug it around as a travel carry on bag. No need for checked in…Continue Reading “My reliable travel carry on bag is a Cabinzero”

Beach. Travel. Palawan. Remote island. Several days. This was the kind of trip that I had last July when Club Paradise Palawan invited me to stay for two nights. Of course, those two nights stretched to eight days when I extended my stay in Coron and Culion. Now, extended trips can be one of the best travels you can have but being the practical traveler, I have to be considerate about the weight of my backpack as well as the usability of things that I…Continue Reading “The Matador pocket blanket, handy and great for the beach”

Jackie, a friend from young start up FlipTrip emailed me last month asking me if I want to contribute to her upcoming post on five travel essentials. I said yes and sent her the photo with some descriptions. Now, I think it’s time for me to show you guys what’s in my bag and camera gear when traveling. I’m a very peripatetic photographer, blogger and writer. In a month, I go around the country and it all depends: it can be an Airbnb shoot (I’m…Continue Reading “What’s inside my bag and camera gear when traveling”

I’ve always loved the great outdoors that’s why when I was still in elementary school, I always looked forward to camping during Boy Scout activities. When I was in college and when I was working already, I was a member of a mountaineering group both at school and then at the company. There’s this wonderful feeling of connecting with nature, of going back to basics and enjoying the mountains by camping for a night or for a few days. I can still remember spending time…Continue Reading “Glamping, enjoying the outdoors in style”