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My Columbia Techsun Interchange III
My Columbia Techsun Interchange III

I’ve always been a sandals person and I’ve had my share of several pairs over the years. Credit this to my sense of adventure, the many treks and hikes I’ve have had for the past two decades. From the locally made pairs to multinational branded items, I’ve tried them.

Perfect fit!
Perfect fit!
Currently, I’m wearing my Columbia Techsun Interchange III for the past four months and I can attest to its reliability, comfort and ruggedness which I got on sale in SM City Baguio. This is my primary footwear whenever I travel and sometimes, if I don’t need to wear a pair of shoes, this suffices.

I can wear this also casually. Pair it with shorts and shirt, or pants, and you will still look good. I’ve worn this in malls, as I’m also a shorts person and don’t want to wear shoes all the time. Even on short errands within the city, is still perfect. It’s almost my all around footwear unless I have to dress up for an occasion.

This versatile three-strap sandal offers lightweight stability, grip and comfort for activities in and around the water; when you want to be able to get in and out of them quickly, flip the heel strap forward and they convert to a convenient slip-on style.

The lugs help grip on rocks and terrain. Good for water areas too!
The lugs help grip on rocks and terrain. Good for water areas too!
The Columbia Techsun Interchange III is durable yet light. It’s made of Techlite midsole with soft Techlite footbed for comfort. I’ve worn sandals with a hard footbed and it really doesn’t suit me. For this one, it makes the feet happy.

Traction and grip is also important. You don’t want to do river trekking over boulders, slip and bang your knees on the rocks.

The full length Omni-Grip high traction with sticky rubber compound for traction in wet conditions and lugs designed for traction on land, rocks and in and around the water takes care of this. And it does its job well. I’ve used this in Liktin Falls in President Roxas, Capiz and hugged the rock/boulder surfaces well.

The Intechange: a rotatable strap transform the Techsun sandal into a slip on
The Intechange: a rotatable strap transform the Techsun sandal into a slip on

You might wonder, what’s the Interchange for? Ah, this is the best part. Have you experienced removing your sandals or strapping it time and again even for short walks? Perhaps, this is the best part of the footwear: the backstrap can be rotated so that you can easily slip in or out of it at times that you don’t need a well strapped sandal. It’s a slip on!

Its a versatile and sturdy outdoor sandals but still has got enough design details that make it look good. I do like the grooves lining the length of the sole!

I love my Columbia Techsun Interchange III! This is so perfect for hikes and wading into water and for general travel. A really versatile footwear worth the price.

Product info here. Columbia Sportwear has several stores in major malls around the country. Check and like their Facebook page or follow them in Twitter.

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  1. I do use similar kind of Sandals but those does not work if its very cold….

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