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Minibus in Cebu's Southbus Terminal.
Minibus in Cebu’s Southbus Terminal.

Regine of Between Coordinates, a travel blogger based in Iloilo, handed me her special notebook wherein she asks people she meets to write something. I didn’t think twice to write a few lines of the reasons why I travel. Below is an expanded version.

There is an infinite reason why one wants to travel. Below are just a few on why I go and hit the road.

I travel for fun.
I travel for the heck of it.
I travel for no reason at all.
I travel for love.

I travel to explore.
I travel to escape.
I travel to know the world.
I travel to find love.
I travel to lose love.
I travel to console a weeping heart.
I travel to see great architecture.
I travel to experience being a traveler.
I travel to make friends.
I travel to ponder life and love.
I travel to keep my sanity.
I travel to lose myself.
I travel to know more of myself.
I travel to have more reasons to travel.

I travel because I love it.
I travel because I have to.
I travel because it makes me sane.
I travel because it makes me think clearly.
I travel because that’s what I do.
I travel because its a journey to oneself.


What are your reasons for traveling?

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A true blue Cebuano, I make stunning images and meaningful stories. My work has been published in various coffee table books as well as local and international publications including Geo (Germany), Sunday Times Magazine (London), done photo assignments for Mabuhay and written posts in Smile.

My personal Photography work has been exhibited around Asia and Europe including Paris in France, Germany, The Netherlands, South Korea, China and around the ASEAN regional capitals.

I am a peripatetic traveler and have been to all 81 Philippine provinces and abroad.

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8 thoughts on “I travel because…

  1. “I travel to know the world.”

    This is so awesome! 🙂 Keep on inspiring Sir Estan! 🙂

  2. Can relate. =) The reasons for traveling may differ from time to time, but the desire to travel is unquestionably always there. 🙂

  3. Christian | Lakad Pilipinas says:

    Galing! I really don’t over analyze why I travel, basta gusto ko lang talagang gumala 😀

    By the way, it was nice to finally travel with you sir!

  4. estancabigas says:

    haha. yeah. but the metrodeal coupons are just so safe and comfortable 🙂

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