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I travel because…

Minibus in Cebu's Southbus Terminal.
Minibus in Cebu’s Southbus Terminal.

Regine of Between Coordinates, a travel blogger based in Iloilo, handed me her special notebook wherein she asks people she meets to write something. I didn’t think twice to write a few lines of the reasons why I travel. Below is an expanded version.

There is an infinite reason why one wants to travel. Below are just a few on why I go and hit the road.

I travel for fun.
I travel for the heck of it.
I travel for no reason at all.
I travel for love.

I travel to explore.
I travel to escape.
I travel to know the world.
I travel to find love.
I travel to lose love.
I travel to console a weeping heart.
I travel to see great architecture.
I travel to experience being a traveler.
I travel to make friends.
I travel to ponder life and love.
I travel to keep my sanity.
I travel to lose myself.
I travel to know more of myself.
I travel to have more reasons to travel.

I travel because I love it.
I travel because I have to.
I travel because it makes me sane.
I travel because it makes me think clearly.
I travel because that’s what I do.
I travel because its a journey to oneself.


What are your reasons for traveling?


8 thoughts on “I travel because…”

  1. Claire

    Can relate. =) The reasons for traveling may differ from time to time, but the desire to travel is unquestionably always there. 🙂

  2. Christian | Lakad Pilipinas

    Galing! I really don’t over analyze why I travel, basta gusto ko lang talagang gumala 😀

    By the way, it was nice to finally travel with you sir!

  3. estancabigas

    haha. yeah. but the metrodeal coupons are just so safe and comfortable 🙂

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