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Glamping, enjoying the outdoors in style

Coleman glamping
Glamping or glamorous camping is here to come! Coleman, world leader in outdoor products is coming up with a new line focusing on this new camping concept. Above, a typical glamping setup. Right, Instant Up Ensuite that is ideal as a changing room, shower or toilet. Right, a group of Party Shade 300 ideal for short term, large group gatherings or catered events that is easy to set up

I’ve always loved the great outdoors that’s why when I was still in elementary school, I always looked forward to camping during Boy Scout activities. When I was in college and when I was working already, I was a member of a mountaineering group both at school and then at the company. There’s this wonderful feeling of connecting with nature, of going back to basics and enjoying the mountains by camping for a night or for a few days.

I can still remember spending time to find a good location at a particular mountain area, pitch the tent and the tedious process of setting it up. When it rained, if the tent wasn’t pitched good, water might come in and spend the night with some things wet. Eventually, due to work and travels, I haven’t been back to the mountains and camp and connect back with nature, again.

Then someone coined glamping. Glamorous camping. A luxurious way to camp, not necessarily in the rugged fastnesses of lofty mountains that I’ve been to before but usually in open spaces and accessible outdoors. It’s enjoying nature without giving up too much conveniences and a good way to spend quality time with family or friends. It’s also a novelty way to enjoy special events and celebrations.

Coleman, an international leader in the innovation and marketing of outdoor products founded in 1901 is in the forefront of introducing glamping in the Philippines with their new and innovative products that will be launched starting this month of May. The brand is an old reliable.

I remember having Coleman tents before and visiting their shop at Park Square in Makati to check for outdoor gear and stuff. Now, with their new glamping products, I’m sure many outdoors people will be delighted to check these out and try glamping, especially the 5 Minutes Campsite!

Coleman glamping
The Instant Up Au Version that wowed me! This tent can be setup in 5 minutes or less and packs up well! No need to be confused with the pitching poles and guy ropes. Beside the Instant up tent are Converta Cots designed for sitting or sleeping with adjustable foot rest positions.
Coleman glamping
Instant Shade 300 setup with Go! Quad Armchair, Roadtrip Grill, Converta Cot, Cooler and Natural Mosaic picnic table
Coleman glamping
Instant Shade 300 tent, Coolers, Go! Quad Armchair, Parachute Hammock with durable parachute nylon material and adjusts perfectly to one’s body. It has a sewn in light weight pouch for packing. Airdome tent with mesh inner for a 360 degree view and improved ventilation flow with front and rear vestibule.
Coleman glamping
Party Shade 300 at the back, new Coleman Cooler and the Roadtrip Grill is a butane grill which runs on household LPG tank. It is easy to transport, folds to compact size with large handle and wheels for easy pulling. It comes with Instastart ignition technology (via battery), removal grease tray for easy cleaning, built in tool holder and extendable sliding table for additional table space.
Coleman glamping
Party Shade 300, Coleman Coolers, Roadtrip Grill, Go! Chairs, Natural Mosaic Picnic Set and Teammate 5-Person Bench which is quick and easy to set up with bottle holders and mesh gear bag
Coleman glamping
Party Shade 300, Coleman Coolers, Natural Mosaic Picnic Set, Go! chairs, Cool Spider Pro with adjustable height settings and ‘drawer’ type charcoal grate
Coleman glamping
Party Shade 300, Converta Cot, Go! Quad Armchair, Airbed with comfortable coil system, soft plush top for extra comfort, Coleman Double Lock Valve for easy inflation/deflation
Coleman glamping
Typical glamping setup with Instant Up tent, Instant Shade 300, Converta Cots, Roadtrip Grill and Go! Quad Armchair which has built in cup holders at the armrest and packs very compact.
Coleman glamping
What is Coleman without the coolers? New generation hard coolers with standard lid and new geometry in three types: Performance, Performance collection and Xtreme Collection. The Xtreme Collection even has one cooler with 5 Days Xtreme Ice Retention! The coolers have new slick designs like added height (holds 2 liter bottles upright), molded in cup holders on the cover, telescopicing handle for easy transport, EZ Clean lid for quick washing and better insulation for longer cooling.

Coleman will be organizing its first Glamping event on 24 & 25 May at the Clearwater Resort and Country Club in Clark, Pampanga.


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  1. George


    For 5 years already I’ve been using the Coleman Converta camping cot ( I must say that even though it is relatively cheap, it fulfils my needs in 100 %.

    I also use other products from Coleman (foldable chairs, a cooler) and am generally happy with the quality and funcionality of their products.

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