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My reliable travel carry on bag is a Cabinzero

My travel carry on bag for the past six months has been using the Cabinzero 44L lightweight cabin bag in Military Green color. This, for most of my travels around the Philippines and abroad. From Cebu to Manila as far as Taipei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, it has been my travel bag of choice. It is sturdy, has enough space for most of my things including a laptop and I can lug it around as a travel carry on bag. No need for checked in baggage. If not bringing my tripod, which must be checked in, I can just whiz in and out of airports in no time. It has a tracking code via that can be used to track ownership if, heaven forbids, it gets lost.

Cabinzero Military 44L, my travel carry on bag

First the specs and why I chose this one among other Cabinzero bags. The Military 44L is spacious, at 44 liter volume, which is almost similar to my 45L The North Face bag prior to owning this one. It’s enough for most of what I bring when I travel: clothes, laptop, a book or two or a magazine, and others that I need.

Volume: 44L
Weight: 950 grams (approx)
Dimensions: Fits 55 x 40 x 20 cm
Composition, Outer: Military Spec Nylon, Lining: Polyester

Second, construction wise, it has side compression straps, top grab handle, airmesh padded back and straps that fits well. It has a front zipped pocket, inside zipped and mesh pockets, sternum and waist straps. I use it most of the time whenever I travel within the country or abroad. The style also features accessory webbing which is both attractive and functional. I also love the simple design as well as the darker color.

And third, additional standard features include the built in Global Luggage Tracker, powered by Okoban, lockable zippers on main compartment, 10 years warranty (upgradable to 25 years free of charge if you ‘like’ Cabinzero’s Facebook page). And it opens wide, very good when packing. While it is  available in specialty stores, you can also order online and is shipped free around the world.

I really don’t have much complaints about the bag as it’s quite functional and a good replacement to my previous 45L backpack. However, I think it would be better to have additional smaller pockets. Other than that, no check-in counter agent has stopped me because of the bag. Probably because of the form factor, even when fully loaded.

Want this bag? Head to Cabinzero to purchase. Free shipping.

Cabinzero travel carry on bag
RJ models the Cabinzero Military 44L lightweight cabin bag
Cabinzero travel carry on bag
The Cabinzero Military 44L lightweight cabin bag in Military Green
Cabinzero travel carry on bag
A well padded back and straps for better comfort when traveling
Cabinzero travel carry on bag
Each bag has a unique code that can be registered or, if lost and found, can be traced via the Okoban website
okoban Cabinzero travel carry on bag
The Okoban page detailing the unique code of my Cabinzero bag. If it gets lost, those who found it can check the Okoban website, input the unique code and report the found item. with me informed of the found bag.

Want this bag? Head to Cabinzero to purchase. Free shipping.


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