With 7,000 islands scattered around the country and one of the world’s nations with very extensive coastlines, its a given that fishing is one of the biggest livelihood in the Philippines. As a travel photographer and blogger, This is perhaps one of the most beautiful subjects. Its not difficult to find too. Spend time in the provinces with a coast or beach early in the morning or in the afternoon and you can be certain to capture authentic images. Even in transit. Below are ten…Continue Reading “Photo Friday: Fishing and fishermen”

Should I swim at this side? Or at the opposite side? Or at the tailend of the sandbar? Or in the middle? Farther? Seems a difficult decision but what I did was rush and jump at all sides, swim, frolic and just have a good time with the beach all to myself! Bantigue Island sandbar is a stunning spectacle, a tongue of land that extends to the sea, jutting out its white (or creamy) sand in pristine waters. But, depending on which side are you…Continue Reading “Swimming at a stunning Isla Gigantes sandbar”

Isla Gigantes is such a stunning place! The boy held the heavy metal anchor of the outrigger boat, banca, to be exact, as we were approaching Bantigue Islet in Isla Gigantes, Iloilo. It was a sunny and beautiful day with blue skies, with cool February winds blowing. His sun kissed skin contrasted with his loose white shirt. His mouth agape and was awaiting for the captain’s go signal to drop the anchor. Bantigue Islet is one of the many in the Isla Gigantes group that…Continue Reading “Isla Gigantes’s beautiful white sand bar”

The baby olive ridley turtle was heading its way to the beach, walking on the black sand, making fin marks behind its back as we observed it from behind. Within a few seconds, the foamy wave of the sea swept in and carried it away. Maitum’s Pawikan Nesting Sanctuary, headed by its caretaker, Danilo Dequina has been overseeing the collection and keeping of turtle eggs for a few years now and setting them free when the baby turtles are hatched. The black sand beaches have…Continue Reading “Swim for life in Maitum’s pawikan sanctuary”

Wat Nikrodaharam

One of the interesting landmarks and religious architecture found in the Kedah state capital of Alor Setar is the Wat Nikrodharam, a Siamese temple. Built in 1968, it’s an imposing edifice within a complex with the main temple at the center and located between Jalan Telok Wanjah and Jalan Stadium. What is striking is its architecture that has Thai elements infused with some Chinese motifs, an influence borne by a minority of Chinese Buddhist and Thais (Indians also form the minority) living in the state….Continue Reading “Wat Nikrodharam, a beautiful temple”