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Isla Gigantes’s beautiful white sand bar

isla gigantes
Our approach to one of Isla Gigantes’s beautiful white sand islands

Isla Gigantes is such a stunning place!

The boy held the heavy metal anchor of the outrigger boat, banca, to be exact, as we were approaching Bantigue Islet in Isla Gigantes, Iloilo. It was a sunny and beautiful day with blue skies, with cool February winds blowing. His sun kissed skin contrasted with his loose white shirt. His mouth agape and was awaiting for the captain’s go signal to drop the anchor.

Bantigue Islet is one of the many in the Isla Gigantes group that is part of Carles, the easternmost town of Iloilo province. I visited this beautiful part for its beaches as well as to unplug from work and online to celebrate my birthday last February. The islet is known for its beautiful white sand bar amidst pristine waters with great views of the neighboring islands on a great sunny day. It’s a perfect getaway far from the familiar and typical. A remote paradise. 

This is just a very beautiful place. Have you visited this part of Iloilo?

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