When I first heard about the treehouse atop the balete tree in Isla Gigantes, I got excited. I should stay there, I declared. That was when I solidified my plans to spend a few days during my birthday week last February in these beautiful islands. The treehouse at the Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn was available and I had it reserved. The treehouse was rather small. If in case you think that the balete is one huge and creepy tree, no. It’s a smaller one and…Continue Reading “Have you slept at a house atop a balete tree?”

My Isla Gigantes trip in Iloilo last February was one of the best vacation I had in years! I was unplugged (offline) and was there just to enjoy the sea, go caving and reflect as I started a new decade in my life. One of the hightlights of that trip? Island hopping over several pristine and beautiful white sand beaches in islets with friendly fishes, a sandbar and a lagoon. Cabugao Dako (kabugao is Hiligaynon for pomelo) is one of the interesting islets that I…Continue Reading “Postcard pretty beach at Isla Gigantes”

Should I swim at this side? Or at the opposite side? Or at the tailend of the sandbar? Or in the middle? Farther? Seems a difficult decision but what I did was rush and jump at all sides, swim, frolic and just have a good time with the beach all to myself! Bantigue Island sandbar is a stunning spectacle, a tongue of land that extends to the sea, jutting out its white (or creamy) sand in pristine waters. But, depending on which side are you…Continue Reading “Swimming at a stunning Isla Gigantes sandbar”

I saw a photo of Antonia Beach in my FB wall and fell in love with it. I have to visit that place, I told myself. For my xxth birthday, I traveled all the way to Isla Gigantes Iloilo and had the time of my life there. Solo. Alone. Enjoying the beach, sandbar and great food. And I frolicked with friendly fishes at Antonia Beach. I hired a motorized outrigger boat for P2,000 and as we left Bantigue Island which has a great sandbar, my…Continue Reading “Friendly fishes an experience at Isla Gigantes Iloilo”

Isla Gigantes is such a stunning place! The boy held the heavy metal anchor of the outrigger boat, banca, to be exact, as we were approaching Bantigue Islet in Isla Gigantes, Iloilo. It was a sunny and beautiful day with blue skies, with cool February winds blowing. His sun kissed skin contrasted with his loose white shirt. His mouth agape and was awaiting for the captain’s go signal to drop the anchor. Bantigue Islet is one of the many in the Isla Gigantes group that…Continue Reading “Isla Gigantes’s beautiful white sand bar”