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Dusk at General Luna

Dusk in Siargao
Dusk in Siargao

The atmosphere was think with humidity as we were taking a stroll along one of the sandy roads within the small town of General Luna in Siargao. Sweat was rolling down my face as dusk was coming in and we reached the ‘baywalk,’ the lighted beach near the small eateries. Children were frolicking along the shore while a little girl was riding a bike.

We caught sight of the long wooden wharf with pumpboats already tied to it. As we came closer, these two young girls were coming towards us. But I was already seeing something else: the dusk, faint colored lights, these girls, the seeming symmetry of the walkway, the assemblage of the wooden parts and the mood. I just have to capture it.

With my 50mm, I was hoping against hope that I will just capture the image even if the ISO was already at 3600. With even a lower shutter speed but still good enough to hold, at least, with me, I took several shots. This one is one of the lucky ones that was not so blurred yet still usable.

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