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Waterfront Hotel highlights modern Filipino food in Cebu

Filipino food in Cebu is being celebrated. An exciting buffet spread as more than 50 new dishes were introduced during opening night of Cafe Uno’s Modern Filipino Taste: A Filipino Feast for all Senses with husband and wife team Chefs Roland (Chef Lau) and Jackie Laudico at the Waterfront Cebu City. This collaboration with the two chefs and Waterfront Hotels and Casinos is unprecedented in this southern city with the sheer number of new dishes plus the modern interpretation of veritable Filipino as well as Cebuano cuisine. This, I think, cements this hotel as a foodie destination.

Chefs Roland and Jackie Laudico are no lightweights when it comes to food. They have been known to champion Filipino cuisine for the past 18 years as well as introducing interesting twists to old and familiar dishes that we are accustomed to. And in this recent collaboration, both chefs came and lingered, visiting and learning what Cebu cuisine is all about, exploring homegrown and familiar ingredients as well as indulging in real Cebuano food. That’s why I really am excited on what they have to offer. As a Cebuano, nothing is better than testing the limits of Filipino food in Cebu, much more in doing creative Cebuano dishes. But Modern Filipino Taste is not all about Cebuano cuisine. actually, its traditional Filipino and Cebuano food.

Cebu is known for lechon. Other than the usual lemongrass that the local roast pig is prepared with, Chef Lau included a local flavor, sangig, an aromatic basil that grows in abundance in the province. The Puso Surprise is actually filled puso and its only when you cut it in half will you know what the filling is. Larang is a fish stew that is often found in carinderias around the city that the chefs transformed into a nilarang bouillabaisse. Instead of soupy balbacua, its less watery but just very tender, melt in your mouth meat and skin with the collagen forming a layer on the lips as you eat this.

Although there were several more dishes, too many to mention, it was in the danggit macaron that really got me excited and at the same time curious. Think about it, the quintessential French dessert adopted and adapted with a danggit filling. As a dessert, it is as good as how a good macaron should be: delicate, light and breaks beautifully when you bite it. The sweetness envelopes but is then followed with the delicate saltiness of the dried fish and that unforgettable danggit flavor. Not all find it interesting though. But I did love it. Strange at first with all those texture and contrasting flavors but somehow, you want to have another one and another.

Of course, dessert doesn’t fall behind. Chef Jackie made several good and interesting sweets. I love the quezo de bola cheesecake, or the tsokolate e with peanut butter mousse made from local tablea. The leche flan was just marvelous in its simplicity and smoothness. There were also bicho bicho yema, suman panna cotta and more.

Uno’s Modern Filipino Taste: A Filipino Feast for All Senses at P898.00/person is available at Cafe Uno at both Waterfront Cebu City and Waterfront Mactan until 31 August 2017.

filipino food in cebu
Palabok bites, a new take on an old Pinoy dish
filipino food in cebu
Clockwise from top right: The couples Chef Roland and Jackie Laudico opens Waterfront’s food festival, fried humba, rows of different kinds of lechon (beef, pork, kambing and chicken), and puso surprise with sisig filling
filipino food in cebu
Danggit macaron anyone?
filipino food in cebu
Quezo de bola cheesecake at the dessert bar

Waterfront Cebu City is a foodie destination

Other than Cafe Uno, Waterfront Cebu City has several restaurants. There are actually nine F/B outlets in this hotel alone but I am listing the major restaurants below. These are all along the Gourmet Walk at the Lobby level of the hotel. Other than this list, there’s the Lobby Lounge, the Pool Aquarius and Cafe Fortuna which is beside the casino. Madeleine is where you can get freshly baked breads, pastries and desserts.

filipino food in cebu
A home made pizza fresh from the wood fired brick oven of La Gondola

La Gondola

From antipasti to pasta to pizzas. La Gondola is where you can find authentic Italian fare. What I love about this restaurant is the homemade pizzas freshly baked from the restaurant’s own brick oven! The menu is updated from time to time so you always have a reason to visit this outlet. Check here for a sample of what La Gondola offers.

filipino food in cebu
Thinly sliced but delicious and crunchy fried pork at Tin Gow

Tin Gow

This is Cebu City’s well loved Chinese restaurant specializing in Szechuan and Cantonese cuisine. From dimsums to lauriats, from noodle dishes to main course. This is also one of the busiest Chinese restaurants in the city during Chinese New Year when its really fully booked and offers delicious set meals specifically for the event.

filipino food in cebu
Various kinds of sushi at Mizu


The sashimi and sushi are just fresh and with high quality Japanese ingredients, Mizu is a good Japanese restaurant that you want to visit again and again. From teppanyakis to ramen and a whole lot of good Japanese cooking, Chef Ken Imamura will make you a happy eater. I do love the private dining areas with their modern zen and minimalist design which is just adjacent to the main dining area.

filipino food in cebu
Blue Moontini cocktail and canapes at Treff Bar

Treff Bar

Treff Bar is where you unwind and have fun. They offer several good cocktails and gourmet food and canapes. Nights, there is a band playing popular tunes. Other than the cocktails, I love the design of this bar, modern and minimalist.

filipino food in cebu

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