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Tin Gow celebrates the Year of the Rooster

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino’s well regarded chinese restaurant, Tin Gow will usher in the Year of the Rooster on the eve of Chinese New Year also known as the Chinese Spring Festival happening this 27 January. A sumptuous menu prepared by well loved Chef Jimmy Low awaits families with three set dinner menu to chose from, all good for 10 persons.

We had the media preview last week with the Set Menu B (PHP11,888.00) served (please refer to names of the dishes in this post’s photos). It was my first to experience the traditional yee sang, also known as the prosperity toss, a colorful dish with strips of raw fish, in this case, salmon, together with colorful shredded vegetables and various condiments. Members toss this one and the higher you toss, the more prosperity and abundance is said to come your way. Check out the short video below.

The appetizers of spring rolls and siomai were just delicious while the deep fried garoupa with garlic sauce was savory. I loved the crunchy and thinly sliced sweet and sour pork. The stir fried Malaysian chicken is also commendable. The tofu with shrimp is also good! Although the tikoy was expected, crisp outside and soft inside, it was my first time to try ginseng and longan as a dessert. The tastes seem familiar but not bad.

The Chinese set dinner menu is also offered at Tin Gow from 21-27 January while tikoy in four flavors: pandan, almond, ube and regular is available at P210.

Set Menu A (PHP8,888, 10 persons)
Chinese Yee Sang (prawn)
Golden soup with crabmeat
Steamed live garoupa with garlic sauce
Deep fried spareribs with salt and pepper
Deep fried prawns with tomato sauce
Steamed beancurd with minced pork
Yong chow fried rice
Chinese tikoy and mango sago

Set Menu B (PHP11,888, 10 persons, dishes in photos here)
Good luck yee sang (salmon)
Two variety appetizer (spring roll & siomai)
Green vegetable bean curd soup
Deep fried garoupa in ginger sauce
Stir fried Malaysian chicken
Braised bean curd with shrimp
Deep fried pork in sweet and sour sauce
Egg fried rice with chicken
Ginseng and longan with radish
Homemade tikoy

Set Menu C (PHP15,000, 10 persons)
Chinese yee sang (salmon)
Siomai, prawn roll, cumbi chicken, asparagus with shrimp
Double boiled fish maw and scallop soup
Pork knuckle with sea cucumber and abalone in oyster sauce
Steamed live crab with garlic
Stir fried bamboo shoot, black mushroom and Taiwan pechay
Chicken fried rice with asado in hot pot
Chinese tikoy with fruit platter

Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu Tin Gow
Dishes from Set Menu B, clockwise from top right: green vegetable bean curd soap, egg fried rice with chicken, braised bean curd with shrimp and stir fried Malaysian chicken
Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu Tin Gow
Deep fried sweet and sour pork
Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu Tin Gow
Delectable siomai and spring rolls
Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu Tin Gow
Clockwise from top right: Chef Low with General Manager Anders Hallden, crunchy outside and soft inside tikoy, ginseng and longan with radish and deep fried garoupa in ginger sauce
Waterfront Hotel & Casino Cebu Tin Gow
A traditional yee sang usually prepared during Chinese New Year

Tin Gow
Gourmet Walk
Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino
Salinas Drive, Lahug
Cebu City
+63 32 232 6888 loc 8605
Open at 1100H-1430H & 1800H-2230H


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