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RJ: Getting a sun kissed skin and chasing waterfalls

I caught up with RJ, a friend from Iligan who has done some traveling from time to time even if he is still a student. He agreed to be featured and just like the first Travelers post, I asked him the same set of questions. Check out his favorite places and Instagram images below.

Can you tell me something about yourself as a traveler?

There are lots of reasons why we travel. For me, sometimes I travel as a means of escape. You see, being in college and taking up an engineering course really gets so stressful and frustrating at times – demanding Profs, lab works taking so long to finish, and other school stuff. Although I’m not really complaining. I know that’s just part of a student’s life. So travelling, for me, became a chance to just get away from it all. I always look forward to school holidays and get a chance to travel during those breaks. Also, like other people, I travel to explore, experience and get exposed to different slices of life that I know I may not ever experience when I’m just at home.

What kind of places do you want to visit?

I always loved the idea of “chasing waterfalls” as well as getting “sun kissed skin on a beach” so I make it a point to always include any body of water on the itinerary (although I really don’t know how to swim! LOL). There’s just something in the water that is both very relaxing and yet simultaneously exciting. Also, I love going to places where I can explore more on the cultural heritage like experiencing different traditions and practices that are new to me as well as seeing different architectures like old colonial houses and churches.

What made you a traveler? Was there a particular place that made you decide to travel? An experience that made you realize you have to go and explore?

I always wanted to travel even when I was younger although I didn’t think much of it. One particular experience that made me realize about the beauty of travelling was when we took a bus from Iligan and went to Kapatagan, Lanao del Norte to visit two waterfalls located in that town – Sta. Cruz Falls and Cathedral Falls. After that visit, I just told myself I wanted more. Luckily for us, our country, the Philippines, has a lot of these and offers a lot more. The Philippines is just really beautiful. And I remember telling myself that I will only travel abroad after I finish visiting all of the 81 provinces of our country. I wish to fulfill that soon.

Where can people reach or stalk you?

You guys can reach me through my social media accounts. I just post a lot of random stuff so I don’t think you’ll find it interesting.


Instagram and Twitter: @rjkulotzkie

Some friends are actually encouraging me to start writing a blog about my travels and whatnots but I’m too lazy nor have the guts to do it. Although, I have my own journal about it. I’m just really not a good writer. But who knows, maybe in the future.

Finally, we met! #AliwagwagFalls

A photo posted by RJ Kulotzkie (@rjkulotzkie) on

Let's getaway… #beach #summer #beachbum #escapade #samal #travelpinas #travel #wanderlust #beachlife

A photo posted by RJ Kulotzkie (@rjkulotzkie) on

Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools. Pilar, Siargao Island, Philippines

A photo posted by RJ Kulotzkie (@rjkulotzkie) on

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