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Resty, the shoestring traveler

Resty has been a friend in Facebook for quite a while now and although we haven’t met yet, we’ve chatted before. He’s a traveler and I’ve been following his travels from his status updates. When I saw his Instagram feed, I said to myself that I should feature this guy! Thus, TRAVELERS, a new section of this blog, Langyaw, is born! Below are few basic questions that I asked him and five of his favorite photos and places from his Instagram feed. Do check him out.

Can you tell me something about yourself as a traveler?

I am what you can call a shoestring traveler. There is a misconception that traveling is an expensive affair. While it is true for a lot of people, I want to show them that they don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy traveling. Staying in homestays instead of fancy hotels, riding the tricycle or jeepney instead of taking the taxi, eating at the roadside eateries… simple things like these will help you save a lot while on the road and at the same time you’ll get to know more of the local life. I see traveling as a spiritual thing. It changes your perspective, it gives you a new pair of eyes. That’s why when I travel, I make sure that I get involved with the local community. I want to experience their way of life. It’s very enlightening.

What kind of places do you want to visit?

I love visiting places that are off the tourist radar. Places that are not overly commercialized and still have the “raw” feel to it. No blaring music, no crowds, no concrete structures as much as possible. Places that spell the words “beauty, quietude and tranquility” all in one sentence, like the nameless island beaches of Surigao, the awe-inspiring Sibang cove of Calayan Island and the out-of-this world rock formations of Biri Island in Northern Samar.

What made you a traveler? Was there a particular place that made you decide to travel? An experience that made you realize you have to go and explore?

My passion for traveling started when I and some friends went to our first camping trip in Anawangin, Zambales. I found our adventure so much fun and rewarding. I didn’t expect that there are places in the Philippines such as Anawangin. It’s strange, in a good way. Also, the camping experience was very liberating, maybe because we got to experience some kind of independence—cooking our own food, setting up our own tent, etc. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to explore more of the Philippines before making a trip abroad.

Where can people reach or stalk you?

Please like my Facebook page, Buntalang Ligaw. You can send me a message there so I can create a personalized travel and tour package for you and your friends, whatever your travel style is. I also have a blog,, which I update depending on my mood (haha!). Please leave some comments, maybe I just need a little boost for my next few posts.

Resty says buntalang ligaw means Wandering Star

Untamed Calayan is on the top of my favorite places in the Philippines. It is home to gorgeous off-the-radar white sand beaches, fresh and abundant seafood, and marvelous land and seascapes!

The amphitheater-like feature of Batad’s rice terraces is definitely a sight to behold. Enjoy its cool highland climate and don’t miss the trek to Tappiyah Falls, passing through paddy dikes.

Aside from its picturesque islands and beaches, Gigantes also prides itself as the country’s top producer of scallops– therefore a scallop feast is highly recommended!

Stingless jellyfish, placid lagoons, breathtaking views and countless white sand beaches– if those things haven’t convinced you yet, I don’t know what else will!

Swimming in Kayangan’s calm, limestone-hemmed lake is truly a surreal experience. It’s like a giant natural swimming pool surrounded by layers of trees and lush vegetation!

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3 thoughts on “Resty, the shoestring traveler”

  1. It’s very inspiring to see young people traveling to see the wonders our country has to offer.

  2. I agree bai! brings back memories of early travels pud. hahaha

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