Malaybalay’s beautiful yellow flowers during summer

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No greens but only yellows
No greens but only yellows
Nothing beats the beauty of these trees in full bloom during summer (usually from February to April) in Malaybalay City in Bukidnon. Just infront of the cathedral are these trees fronting the park. For people in this city, it signals the start of summer and is a welcome sight. Much more when the trees defoliate and only the yellow flowers are left while the grounds are also littered with these golden blossoms.

The tree is not native to the Philippines. Two Facebook contacts, Wally Suarez and Malaybalay Gardener pointed out that this is not the Golden Shower tree or Cassia fistula which is native to tropical Asia, an introduced species in the Philippines and is found all over the country. This tree, according to them is Tabebuia chrysantha, a native of South America and is the national tree of Venezuela.

Although there are several introduced species, and the cherry tree from Japan just made headlines a few weeks ago when several were planted in Atok, Benguet, there are also other popular flowering trees being planted. Fire trees are sometimes planted in the center of roads where it gives a fiery red hue when in bloom. The macopa has pink blooms that almost cover the whole tree. But while these flowering trees might be beautiful, conservationists would prefer that native Philippine trees should be planted as there are several in the country. The narra, the national tree is one with its beautiful and fragrant yellow flowers and it’s such a sight to see it in bloom.

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5 thoughts on “Malaybalay’s beautiful yellow flowers during summer

  1. Hello I just want to ask if these trees are considered invasive or exotic?

  2. vkaz, thanx for the comment but i’m not really sure if these trees are invasive or exotic.

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