Can you tell me something about yourself as a traveler? Wow! The term traveller is really hardcore so I dunno if I can consider myself one. Ok fine…hmm.. I am an impulsive traveller. Whenever I feel like going on a trek or beach bumming, I’d go! There is this one lazy afternoon at work, I was browsing on the web (#thuglife) then I stumbled upon a very interesting day hike. When I got back home at 10pm I packed whatever’s necessary, woke up at 3am…Continue Reading “Janice: the impulsive traveler, loves nature”

I caught up with RJ, a friend from Iligan who has done some traveling from time to time even if he is still a student. He agreed to be featured and just like the first Travelers post, I asked him the same set of questions. Check out his favorite places and Instagram images below. Can you tell me something about yourself as a traveler? There are lots of reasons why we travel. For me, sometimes I travel as a means of escape. You see, being…Continue Reading “RJ: Getting a sun kissed skin and chasing waterfalls”

Resty has been a friend in Facebook for quite a while now and although we haven’t met yet, we’ve chatted before. He’s a traveler and I’ve been following his travels from his status updates. When I saw his Instagram feed, I said to myself that I should feature this guy! Thus, TRAVELERS, a new section of this blog, Langyaw, is born! Below are few basic questions that I asked him and five of his favorite photos and places from his Instagram feed. Do check him…Continue Reading “Resty, the shoestring traveler”