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Janice: the impulsive traveler, loves nature

Can you tell me something about yourself as a traveler?

Wow! The term traveller is really hardcore so I dunno if I can consider myself one. Ok fine…hmm.. I am an impulsive traveller. Whenever I feel like going on a trek or beach bumming, I’d go! There is this one lazy afternoon at work, I was browsing on the web (#thuglife) then I stumbled upon a very interesting day hike. When I got back home at 10pm I packed whatever’s necessary, woke up at 3am the next day and off I go. Alone! I did not tell anybody haha!

What kind of places do you want to visit?

I like to reconnect with the Nature. Mountains just piqued my interest the most. The trek is always very very challenging (horizontally challenged here!) but the view and feels are very refreshing. Juxtapose that to the daily saga of a bustling city. They just compensate the whole process of body burnout. Reaching the summit is extremely fulfilling, and the photo op are exceptional. Lol!

Since I am also enthused by history and culture. Heritage sights, like palaces and temples, is also on the list. These places give me the feels of the old times – how they lived and survived – and make me appreciate architectural genius of the past. Although it is said that staying in the past would only hurt us but I digress. I like the feeling that it’s giving me a sense of oneness with it.

What made you a traveler? Was there a particular place that made you decide to travel? An experience that made you realize you have to go and explore?

Let me share something. Somebody, who I recently met, (mocked) asked me why do we (referring to some of her call center friends) always go out and travel. Are we bored? I was slightly offended but I tried to understand where she is coming from. Later I learned that she has not seen what her beautiful province (CamSur lang naman!) could offer and she is not even familiar with most of them. Poor, poor thing.

I am not sure if I was driven by any particular place or experience, really. I can’t actually tell when I started. When I was young, I remembered enjoying tagging along my parents to visit my Mom’s province. It was a normal thing – going here and there, riding a bus then a boat, there are mountains to play on, etc. I just grew up on it. But every time, the place and experiences are different. Each one awakens a different sensation and attachment to magnificence that is culture and Nature. Well, maybe, it may have started in the thought that it has become my comfort zone.

Where can people reach or stalk you?

I am on instagram @janicorti. Rock on!

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