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Cheap accommodation in Siquijor at P125/day

A basic room with a big window
A basic room with a big window

I can stay at whatever kind of accommodation. From P100 peso rooms to 5-star luxury ones.

I arrived in the municipality of Siquijor, Siquijor, my second time in this province, and after looking for a place to stay, I got recommended to this P125 (less than $3) lodge near the national road a few minutes walk from the municipal hall. Its a wooden structure named Buhisan Lodge and from the looks of it, might be an oldie in the place

P125! That’s dirt cheap. After staying at GoHotels Dumaguete the previous night, paying P1,106.56, I agreed to stay at this place. It is clean, airy, spacious and, probably, I miss the feel of these kind of structures since childhood. But also, why spend more when there’s a cheaper alternative in a place where you won’t be spending most of the time inside the room?

The toilet and bath are common, found at the ground floor. But my room? Wow, I just like its old feel: comfy, wooden boards all throughout with a window that opens to a view of the back with lots of vegetation. It has an electric fan, two outlets and a small bed with matress and its just enough for me.

The lodge is quite accessible and is just walking distance from the church, the market, the municipal hall and even the pier. It has its own charms in a small but beautiful town where people are friendly.

If you want to stay here, some anti-mosquito lotion can be handy.

It is simplicity.

Exterior of Buhisan Lodge which is just along the main road
Exterior of Buhisan Lodge which is just along the main road
The veranda of the lodge
The veranda of the lodge
View of the room and outside
View of the room and outside
View of the surroundings
View of the surroundings
Me with my Ipad Mini resting inside the spacious room
Me with my Ipad Mini resting inside the spacious room

17 thoughts on “Cheap accommodation in Siquijor at P125/day”

  1. Earl (Suroy Pilipinas)

    Nice! The structure is very similar to the one we stayed near Balingoan Port, Misamis Oriental the night before we sailed to Camiguin last year.

  2. You need footspa!! HAHA!!

    Bookmarked this for my future Siquijor trip, thanks for blogging about it Kuya Estan!!!

  3. estancabigas

    welcome 🙂

  4. estancabigas

    importante, naa matulgan 🙂

  5. Christian Miranda

    Hello, is there a wi-fi connection there?

  6. estancabigas

    At P125, please don’t expect wifi.

  7. disqus_dhByjxTk8X

    What’s/Who’s the contact for this place? I am traveling alone & on a tight budget — would like to consider this lodging as an option. Thanks!

  8. estancabigas

    There’s no contact. Its first come first serve basis.

  9. criz

    hi me and my friend is planning to visit Siquijor next weekend do still have the contact no of the owner? thanks for this info by the way pretty cheap 🙂 and the room is okay

  10. criz, there was no contact number given. i just walked to this inn.

  11. tonieboo

    Hi. Very nice place. Looks like our old house in Taytay. Pwede ba iwanan yung mga things sa house especially that were thinking about touring most of the time?

  12. Tonieboo, I think pwede naman siguro pero at your own risk.

  13. eejj

    isa ra ni ka room? naa y good for 2?

  14. They don’t give any contact numbers.

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