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My attic room, non airconditioned at P300 ($7)
My attic room, non airconditioned at P300 ($7)

My budget streak in Siquijor continues with a stay in Larena, this time at the North Haven Lodge. While twice as expensive than Buhisan Lodge, the basic, non air room is P300, I got attracted at the attic room which was the last one avaialable. Good thing? It has a big bed and free wifi, not bad for a budget inn.

The place have seen better days, I guess. The attic room has a leak somewhere but there’s a bucket to catch the drips and it was a novelty for me. It’s not everytime that you get to stay in one. Clean toilet and bath are common except for the airconditioned and more expensive rooms. My only complaint about the unit? The stairs leading up is quite steep, narrow and small that one misstep can be dangerous.

Facade of the lodge and the narrow and steep stairs leading to the attic room
Facade of the lodge and the narrow and steep stairs leading to the attic room

North Haven Lodge has limited rooms, 4 aircon and 3 non aircon and is located in a quite area of Larena, a few meters from the main road. But people here do sleep early. By 2000H, the streets are silent, considering that, of all the towns in the island, this is the most progressive although its not the capital.

North Haven Lodge
North Poblacion, Larena, Siquijor
035 3772535

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