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The Thunderbird series wrap-up

When in La Union, Thunderbird Resorts is a good base to go around the province

Thunderbird Resorts invited us bloggers in a familiarization tour of their resort in Poro Point, La Union and took us to the tourism sites in the surrounding area of San Fernando and Luna. It was an opportunity to visit what I wanted to go to: the Pindangan Ruins and the Luna watchtower. La Union in the Ilocos Region is one of those provinces that will make you think of what to do and visit. One would think that its all tobacco and garlic and onions and Agoo Basilica. But its more than that. The Thunderbird Resorts sponsored trip opened my eyes to the beautiful province and surprised me with her many offerings.

First, like the provinces of Ilocos Norte and Sur, La Union has a rich treasure trove of Spanish Colonial era churches. From Bauang to Balaoan, Luna to Pindangan, there are interesting religious architecture that can be found in its municipalities. The imposing Luna Church not only is an edifice worth visiting but it is home to the miraculous Our Lady of Namacpacan which devotees attest to its many miracles and answered prayers.

Making an unusual parallel, the Ma-cho Temple in San Fernando is also a destination for the Our Lady of Caysasay, a pilgrimage site as the followers of the temple consider the Batangas icon one and the same with their Chinese goddess.

Attesting to the violent past of the province, the lone watchtower of Luna stand witness to its dark past when Muslim slave raiders reached her shores to capture slaves. Today, the structure has been neglected amid the quarrying of pebbles for construction.

In the capital, San Fernando, an early church ruin makes for an interesting spot. The Pindangan Ruins marks where the early church was constructed. It has interesting bas reliefs and stone arches.

There are still many places to visit including the botanical garden and really delicious halo halo at Halo-halo de Iloko. But considering the distance, Thunderbird Resorts is a good hotel to be based in.

With its Mediterranean inspired architecture, Thunderbird Resorts offer cozy rooms, delicious food, leisure and recreation.

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  1. very well said sir, not to mention the surfing beaches of san juan and the adventure park of Pugo.

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