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Savory Pizza at Thunderbird Resorts

Pizza at Olive's wood fired oven

Thunderbird Resorts invited us bloggers in a familiarization tour of their resort in Poro Point, La Union and tourism sites in the surrounding area. It was the pizza baked in Olive’s wood fired oven that I can not forget. Thin crust, savory and just memorable. The Quattro Stagioni was perfect and so is the Pizza Ilokano.

Sinigang na Hipon. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Olives Restaurant at the main building of Thunderbird Resorts, Poro Point serves good buffet breakfast. Not as extensive as one might expect but it is just enough for one to keep coming back to the table. But the real memorable food that I had at this restaurant are the wood fired, oven baked pizzas that we tried out.


The Quattro Stagioni, (P470), was just good: kakawata olives, artichoke hearts, parma ham, fresh mushrooms and mozzarella. The Pizza Ilokano (P400) is also savory with tomato concasse (roughly chopped), mozzarela, cheddar cheese, vigan longaniza, tocino, tuna and onion. Both are on thin crust and can be viewed while being cooked in the wood-fired oven.

Vegas Cafe at the Casino building also serves Filipino and Asian food. Winners are the sinigang na hipon that my friend swears to its goodness and Asian fried rice served on a hollowed out pineapple.

However, one thing that got me confused or disappointed was the panna cotta. It was just hard for that dish. Probably steamed longer than the usual and all of us got the same dish with the same consistency. Or they might have confused it for pudding?

But other than that dessert, the rest was just good.

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