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Santorini inspired architecture at Poro Point

The ubiquitous blue dome at the main building

Thunderbird Resorts invited us bloggers in a familiarization tour of their resort in Poro Point, La Union and tourism sites in the surrounding area. It was ubiquitous as the blue domed white structure got visible from the distance. Thunderbird Resorts sits, ensconced at the tongue of land that is the peninsula of Poro Point in La Union, the only five star resort in Northern Luzon as of this writing.

It was a great relief as we finally, after 5 hours on the road from Manila, drove up the main building in all its white washed glory whose architecture has been inspired by the traditional structures of Santorini Island in Greece. Mention of that far off place not only brings historical facts of one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in recorded history but more for its beautiful bleached whited buildings that are perched on the rugged terrain of that ancient caldera.

The painted dome of Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point
Part of the arcade. CLICK TO ENLARGE

Like its inspiration, Thunderbird Resorts is also atop a promontory spanning 65 hectares of undulating hills, 100 foot cliffs and giving a beautiful view of the sea that, at the time we were there, was rather dramatic as dark clouds pregnant with rainwater hovered above. The sight was just memorable. Like impressionistic paintings of the masters.

I just like its architecture. The smooth clean lines, block like with its arcade. An open air structure that is both inviting and invigorating to the tired soul and body. Despite its minimalistic approach, there are still surprises. The dome itself seems to be the piece de resistance, where everything else revolves around. Inside, a peek up does provide a beautiful monochromatic (blue hued) artwork.

Spacious rooms of the resort.

The minimalistic approach is carried all throughout the buildings, to the corridors but the rooms itself breaks the monotony by becoming a comfortable and homey nest. Plush beds, and that I really liked and can’t forget, with great views of the South China Sea really makes this a worthwhile stay away from home.

Rugged coastline

The area is large. With its casino, restaurants with good food, golf course and sports facilities, and eventually, the residences that will be built later on. From the main building going to the sea, is a swimming pool in an aptly landscaped area while the sea is untouched left to its rugged state.

Pool area with a view of the hotel building. CLICK TO ENLARGE

But its not all beautiful and rosy though. The benches and sheds along the coastline can be an eyesore and a bit garish even with its tri-toned color scheme. It would have been better if the structures were built in consonance with the minimalist architecture of the main building or in harmony with the environment but what you have is rather detached and imposing.

The place is actually still in development and many areas are barren or undeveloped considering that this is a five star hotel and resort. It can be a bit untidy to look at but I think, a few years from now, it will be transformed into one big landscaped area.

If given a chance to linger more, I would have just sat on a chair at the verandah of the main building or at the rooms and stared for hours at the sea, contemplating on the vagaries of life while observing nature: the changing tides, the brooding sky and fading sun as day turns to night.

Thunderbird Resorts
Poro Point, La Union
(+6372) 888-7777

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