La Union in the Ilocos Region is one of those provinces that will make you think of what to do and visit. One would think that its all tobacco and garlic and onions and Agoo Basilica. But its more than that.

Both are temples, a Catholic church, and the other a Taoist (Chinese) temple. Both are equally interesting not only in terms of architecture but also the devotions done by their respective faithful.

Looking farther along the stretch of beach, there are several more men and mound. Its really an industry here with the natural products probably making their way to construction sites in the city or beyond.

The costs of progress.

What greeted me was disheartening. It has lost its balance, leaning on the sandy shores of Luna’s beach. Broken and probably left with no more tears to weep as the descendants of the ancestors that this structure protected from the Pintados from the Visayas, looking for slaves, left it under the merciless elements.