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Underbelly of Marcelo Fernan Bridge

I just miss going home to Cebu. I won’t mind riding the long way home via Bicol or Masbate or even Mindoro. The important thing is that I will just be in my old room for a few days or even for a few weeks.

But if that’s the case, it will just take me longer to reach home. I’m not ruling out riding the plane. The faster the better.

I miss the crispy lechon skin in my hometown, or even Titay’s pork adobo roll which is just heaven when hot. But I’m also thinking of just eating at Casa Verde for their ribs or if not, mongo or mongo sprouts (tauge) for dinner and shellfish for lunch. One of these days. I will have my own feast.

But I just miss home. I want to be there to think things over. To have my own downtime. So many things have happened and I just want to rest and have a break from traveling. Even for two weeks. Or use my Marco Polo Hotel voucher.

4 thoughts on “I miss Cebu”

  1. Sometimes one needs a break even from doing what one loves the most. What a way to think things over surrounded by the familiar four corners of your old room and to spend a few days at the Marco Polo hotel by the poolside, who knows you might meet her there hehe.

  2. Cebu misses you too. Pauli ug kaon og maayo.. 😉

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