7 foodstops in Cebu: Liloan | part 4

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Titay's in Liloan, a century of offering baked goodies to Cebuanos and travelers.
Titay's in Liloan, a century of offering baked goodies to Cebuanos and travelers.

Speak of Cebu and images of the Sto. Niño , the province’s patron, come to mind. And so does the valiant Lapu-Lapu, sweet mangoes, the famous lechon, guitars and beaches. But it is more than that. Cebu is a special and beautiful place. It is also my home.

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6 Liloan’s Titays

The visitor is greeted with a counter full of baked delights.
The visitor is greeted with a counter full of baked delights.

Liloan is just 18 kilometers north of Cebu City and can be reached within, depending on traffic, 20 – 30 minutes by jeepney. It’s a welcome change from often chaotic and the uninteresting structures of Mandaue City and the town of Consolacion. Mention this town and four things come to my mind: a) the impressive Spanish colonial era church built in 1847 b) its a resort town known for its coastline and beaches c) the American era lighthouse built in 1904 in scenic Bagacay Point, and d) Titays. Yes, that food stop that has become an institution which celebrated it’s centennial last 2007.

Ube ensaimadas stacked at one shelf.
Ube ensaimadas stacked at one shelf.

Titays is less than a kilometer from the bend at the church. For travellers going north or for those coming back to Cebu City, its an important stop to buy some pasalubongs or have snacks after a tiresome trip. Just like with other bus stops, expect the price to be a bit steeper, as far as Cebu pricepoints are concerned.

TItay’s was first established by Margarita “Na Titay” Frasco with her first baked good, the rosquillos, those round, delicious and uniquely shaped cookies that made her known. Before the advent of the mega supermarket and extensive distribution systems, rosquillos, like the otap were uniquely Cebu items that were brought by visitors as pasalubongs. Back when I was still an elementary student, me and my sister used to whip up ovaltines and dunk several pieces of this cookie for a sating snack.

Titay's chicken pork adobo roll, my favorite and very delicious. A must have when in Liloan.
Titay's chicken pork adobo roll, my favorite and very delicious. A must have when in Liloan.

Over the years and now, under the management of Na Titay’s heirs, the bakery has branched out to other products: other types of cookes like the galletas, otap, caycay; polvoron, binangkal, masi, bread, and many others. But there is one product that just makes me come over and over again, especially when I’m in Liloan: the Titay’s chicken pork adobo roll.

It’s a gustatory item that has me raving and wanting for more. At only P30 each, this bun is really sating that on a single sitting, I can consume two in a row! It’s just so delicious. The meat filling’s taste is really tops and juicy, especially when still hot. Unlike other bread rolls wherein a small portion of meat is covered with a thick layer of dough, Titay’s is just enough. While I also like their other products, I can’t leave this foodstop without buying their chicken pork adobo roll. And it usually makes my trip worthwhile. One of the simple but sating joys when traveling north.

Want to know more about Titays? Visit there website.

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  1. queeniebee says:

    Hi Estan, I love Titay’s, especially the pork buns, but my favorite I guess are their ensaymadas. The rosquiillos and galletas are addicting.For anyone who stops by hungry or with a serious sweet tooth, the trick is to try not to buy out the entire bakery!

  2. i missed the yummy ensymada of Titay’s.

  3. yep, their ensaymada is delicious too!

  4. Hello 🙂

    Good Day!

    We are MASI fanatics (me and my workmates) to the point that our day isn’t complete without MASI. Our office concessionaire recently got changed and now we don’t have access to our favorite Liloan Masi anymore. I tried to google where and/or how exactly Masi is made when I saw your blog about it! I was surprised that Titay’s makes Masi too! Thank you for the info!


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