It was already almost three o’clock in the afternoon when I finally hauled myself off from my room at GV Hotel which is just beside the San Antonio de Padua Cathedral and headed to the jeepney terminal. My second visit to Masbate City, the plan was to visit Pawa Mangrove Nature Park especially for its bamboo footbridge that connects the banks of Barangay Pawa in the west and Barangay Mabunga in the east over the southern end of Masbate City Bay. But a wrongly labeled…Continue Reading “The 1.3 KM bamboo footbridge of Masbate”

After five hours at sea and with my senses barraged with stunning seascapes off Ticao, I finally arrived in Masbate City from Pilar, Sorsogon. Its terra firma and its the first time that I’ve been here. What can I expect? Are there old churches or houses that I can visit? Colonial era fortifications and other tourist spots? With just nine hours before I leave for Cebu, I cannot really go beyond the city limits.

Soaring and sharp ridges dotted with vegetation clinging on the sheer rockface can give a sense of awe. A pale yellow limestone cliff rising up from the waters is a wonder. There are several cracks on these rock walls and many caves can be seen, its gaping maw sending a spine tingling sensation of the hidden creatures, real or imagined, that it might harbor.