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I need to visit Basilan soon. Why?

A Dane riding atop the jeepney from the Saddle at Batad enroute to Banaue. Travels to remote and off-the-beaten path destinations coming soon.

I’ve checked my travel history and guess what!? I need to tick off Basilan off my list of provinces that I haven’t visited yet. And that includes eight others before I can complete all provinces visited in the Philippines. Will strike all off the list before the year ends. And the NINE:

  • Apayao (Luzon)
  • Quirino (Luzon) done December 2010
  • Mindoro Occidental (Luzon) done February 2011
  • Antique (Visayas) done November 2010
  • Guimaras (Visayas) done November 2010
  • Biliran (Visayas) done April 2011
  • Siquijor (Visayas)
  • Zamboanga Sibugay (Mindanao) done March 2012
  • Basilan (Mindanao) done December 2011

These are all interesting places that are off the beaten path and I intend to visit all by 2012.

24 thoughts on “I need to visit Basilan soon. Why?”

  1. Never finish your bucket list… if you do… it is a sign you are ready to go… :-0

  2. naku, madami-dami pa akong pupuntahan. pero atleast, napuntahan ko na yung 5 dyan sa 8 provinces na kulang mo

  3. reena

    wow galing! congrats!pero natawa ako sa comment ni sidney. haha…

  4. with just only 9 to go! i say, wow bai! traveler jud kaayo ka! 🙂

  5. astig! mayta’g ma pareha ko nimo…

  6. galing! 2 dyan sa list mo napuntahan ko na…but I’ve yet to visit Batanes and Tawi-tawi to. dream ko rin to visit all provinces, i think I’ll be able to visit Maguindanao in a few months, just the peaceful town of datu paglas, not the killing fields 🙁

  7. @sydney, its not my complete bucket list 🙂

    @james, @fetus mapupuntahan mo rin mga provinces

    @reena, @joemill thanx

    @dong, sched ko pa

    @tutubi, i’ve just passed maguindanao. i’m thinking of visiting cotabato again

    @gael, itutuloy ko talaga 🙂

  8. toffee

    i ca help you w/ siquijor. got some relatives who live there..;p

  9. Elmer I.Nocheseda

    Basilan is as big as Singapore island. Without the terrorism, it could be a travel hub, and could be as prosperous as Singapore. It could be transformed into a pleasant tourist destination with a mixture of interesting culture, people, festivals, beaches, food, and surrounding island hopping. It also has a wonderful history. But how would you enjoy it when you are greeted with armored tanks, high powered weapons, barbed wires. The church grounds are surrounded by armed men. Sayang. I was there on research for palm leaf art when Erap launched an all out war! My God! I never imagined I would be that close when they were fighting in Lamitan.

  10. wow! naikot mo na buong pinas nyan!!! kakatuwa!

  11. @elmer, despite that, I’m looking forward to visit basilan soon 🙂

    @flip, o nga e. hehehe

  12. Wow, konti na nga lang. What’s next after you tick them all off your list?

  13. @cedric, concentrate to go out more often abroad and do long bus trips of epic proportions around the country. hehehe

  14. Abroad! Cool! Hahaha. Long bus rides, eh? Sakit sa pwet kakaupo. Haha.

  15. @cedric, okay lang. sanay na ako sa long bus rides. 🙂

  16. grabe buong Pilipinas talaga! grabe at halos mapuno mo na ang Mindanao! Galing!

  17. Basilan sounds interesting. Surely, it will be on my list next year.

  18. @joona, antique is also interesting. 1 day lang ako nakapunta but i have a standing invitation to visit the northern end 🙂

  19. You should visit Siquijor during next Holy Week…interesting stuff going on.

  20. @sidney, i’m setting my sights in Anda 🙂

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