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I just have to give in, surrender in Davao City

Not new but this durian infused coffee told me that I indeed am back in Davao City

I needed a jolt, a caffeine kick that will really convince me that I’m indeed back in Davao City. Not just any kind of drink but one that is spiked and infused with, some say, a malodorant that is sure to assault the olfactory senses. I just have to give in and surrender.

Blugre’s Durian Gatchpuccino espresso (P140) is hot and the atypical coffee aroma made interesting with hints of durian is something that I miss. Six years. Six long years since I’ve last tasted this and there was nothing else in my mind but to head to the nearest branch straight from the airport.

Nothing seems to have changed. Bajada Ave. is still as is. Victoria Plaza is still dilapidated and on an early Sunday morning, all is unhurried. Except for a Robinsons mall construction and the occasional Kadayawan banners that were still left hanging, I just remembered Davao City as I left it. Kind of strange and kind of wonderful but I’m sure its only skin deep.

I got my cup. A dollop of cream tops it with real bits of durian pulp and cinnamon. I smelled it and just savored the durian aroma then the coffee and the combination of both. I’m indeed back and I’m sure that it will be a sojourn down memory lane.

This trip was made possible with my win in the Wandering Juan Travel Blog Awards, Culture and Heritage Category. Visit the official site.

5 thoughts on “I just have to give in, surrender in Davao City”

  1. pre, i need to taste this narin. i’ve heard raves about this palagi. kaya lng july 2011 pa trip ko to davao

  2. @james, ang tagaaallllllll!!!!!!!! hehehe 🙂

  3. I never liked durian even if i’m from davao, but i loooove blugre’s durian coffee!

    awee, i miss davao!

    have you read the article saying it’s the most livable city in the phils? and one of the top 20 in asia? 🙂

  4. @joycee, sarap pa naman ng fruit. hehehe… di ko pa nabasa but that is good news 🙂

  5. Bryan

    love durian…try Durian Eat all you can this coming Kadayawan..:)

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