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It’s all a blur as I’m shuttling to and fro

A driver speeding down a curve at Bilar, Bohol's man made forest
  • Manila: La Loma, Chinese and North Cemeteries
  • Cebu: round of the southern end, cockfight
  • Bohol: tour of tourist traps and heritage sites
  • La Union: San Fernando and Luna
  • and many other places

For the past few weeks, it’s all been a blur. Shuttling to and fro, here and there either for work or for leisure but mostly on the former. Got an assignment for a magazine, around three articles in one issue. I got invited to a resort up north where for the next two days I pigged out and enjoyed the local sceneries and spots.

My friend from Spain came and spent five days in Cebu and Bohol on the road visiting churches and old houses and being, most of the time, in a rented car, and just being a tourist in these rather familiar places. Yeah, a tourist going to the usual haunts and traps and staying in airconditioned hotels. Of filling out all my camera’s CF cards every other day trying to capture memories and sceneries for this blog and for posterities sake.

It was my first time to visit Fort San Pedro in Cebu considering that I’m a true blue Cebuano. I actually enjoyed my Loboc River cruise. The visita iglesia and fortification visits in Bohol was so exciting that I consider it my highlight in that island.

In La Union, I got to visit the Pindangan Ruins as well as the lone watchtower in Luna which I’ve wanted to do for a few months but didn’t get to until now. I was able to capture a very interesting beetle while touring the botanical garden in San Fernando.

In Manila, I was actually wide eyed at the heritage treasures and architecture found in Hidalgo St. and the old cemeteries in this once glorious city that I’ve been thinking of doing some personal projects related to these treasures. Nevermind if me and my companion were accosted by overzealous security guards alarmed at us taking pictures of old tombs. Bummer.

Tiring? Yes? Very. But it was all fun and eye opening and I won’t mind doing it again.


3 thoughts on “It’s all a blur as I’m shuttling to and fro”

  1. hi estan! it’s apparent that you’re enjoying what you love to do most. i’ll trade my job with yours, only if i get the same expert eyes & skills for captures, hahaha.

  2. i made two trips in one week:one in the south of mindanao and the second in luzon. nayabag na ko ato, samot na kaha’g sunod sunod jud nga criscrossing the country.

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