My champorado photo in Silkwind’s September 2016 issue

Thanx to Silkwinds, Silk Air’s inflight magazine, the Philippine champorado is featured in the September issue of the magazine, which I photographed. Each month, the one page feature highlights a particular food from Silk Air’s network of destinations. Some of the other food features that I’ve submitted also included the leche flan in a past […]


Where to stay

Irie Gastropubliko
Memorable food experience at a gastropub in Cebu

It was like entering a church, except that the ‘sacred’ space was full of chattering, beer guzzling yuppies and busy waiters as the dark, brooding interiors of Irie Gastropubliko was lit not with wavering lights of candles but well appointed lighting and parabolic like lamps eerily hanging from the ceiling. There were no saintly images […]

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