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Bondoc Peninsula’s heritage churches

The still existing four old churches of Quezon province's Bondoc Peninsula
The still existing four old churches of Quezon province’s Bondoc Peninsula. Clockwise from top right: the Churches of Pitogo, Catanauan, Mulanay and Macalelon.

I’ve always looked up at Quezon province’s Bondoc Peninsula as something of an interesting place. It is far, seldom visited and way off the beaten path. It’s even white in my Lakbayan map until recently when my Facebook friend Jan Michael Marasigan invited me for a photo walk and we decided to travel to this peninsula which is just a few hours from his hometown of Gumaca.

The main point of this trip was on heritage architecture and for a church enthusiast, I was particularly looking at what this area has to offer in terms of old religious edifices. While Bondoc Peninsula is comprised of many municipalities, there are only four existing old churches worthy of a visit.

Bondoc Peninsula is a bit interesting in terms of food, old houses, these churches and a watchtower which will be covered in succeeding posts. Check out SIMBAHAN for detailed descriptions of each churches.

Travel to the Bondoc Peninsula is conveniently done by bus trip from Manila to Lucena’s Grand Terminal where several minibuses and passenger vans service the different municipalities.

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