Pulau Kodingareng Keke

Enjoying a pristine sandbar off the waters of Makassar

The cacophony of a crowd of people at the entrance of Bangkoa Wooden Jetty just across historic Fort Rotterdam caught my attention as we as a group crossed the street and started to meander into the throng. I wasn’t much aware why such a heavy presence was massing as we pushed our way while the […]


Where to stay

Chori burger
Should you try Boracay’s chori burger?

I’ve been to Boracay countless times and it was only in December last year that I first got to taste chori burger while on assignment for a regional inflight magazine. Chori burger, for the uninitiated is actually not a burger but just slices of chorizo, grilled, including the bun. A special spicy-sweet sauce completes the […]

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I’ve always looked at Boracay with suspicion, being one huge tourist trap that I don’t always like. However, having written an article in CNN Go last year, I might need to change my mindset as I travel to this (in)famous island in the Visayas. First, a really nice accommodation.

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