An evening with the ex at the Azure Pool Bar

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The Azure Pool Bar signature cocktails
The Azure Pool Bar signature cocktail Crimson Red
Beautifully prepared kinilaw
Beautifully prepared kinilaw

The night was hot and humid but I was with my ex. Yes, we’ve just parted but we were still seeing each other.


Dating an ex, and the attendant post date sex is a no no. But then, the dying embers still haven’t been put out. I was still hoping to mend what was broken and this was a year and a half ago. We stayed at Mactan Island’s Crimson Resort and Spa and that evening we had drinks at the Azure Pool Bar.

I like the place. It’s out in the open just near the beachfront. Beautifully lit and well designed. It’s actually a hut made into a bar. Tables and seats surround it with parasoled wide and padded beach chairs at the periphery nearer the sea.

We talked. Reminisced about the past while having Crimson Red (P300), Azure’s signature cocktail which is a combination of vodka, white wine, pineapple, crannberry and grenadine and ordered a beautifully plated kinilaw (ceviche).

There’s something uneasy with exes. There’s that familiarity yet there’s a sense of awkwardness. There’s that openness but at the same time imaginary boundaries that needed to be observed. You can’t just grab the other’s hand and hold. Or stare and speak with each others eyes.

Conversations have slowly been inebriated with alcohol that the tongue got untethered. Actions mellowed and hands have lives of their own. Alas, the night had other matters in mind.

Looking back, what if I was alone that night? I would have just ensconced myself at one of those comfortable lounging beach chairs and felt the night wind on my skin. Or smelled and tasted the saltiness of the air while at the same time sipping from that cocktail mix. Or just lie down and place my arms behind my head and stare into the sky not minding the music and the muffled conversations of people.

Enjoy the cool breeze while lounging or having drinks from Azure Pool Bar
Enjoy the cool breeze while lounging or having drinks from Azure Pool Bar
The Azure Pool Bar
Azure Pool Bar at night with guests

Azure Pool Bar
Crimson Resort and Spa
Mactan Island, Cebu

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