Sto Nino procession in Cebu

Sto Nino procession Cebu opens the Sinulog festivities

The nine day novena mass opened yesterday with the Sto Nino procession in Cebu from the Fuente Osmena to the Basilica del Sto Nino and this signals the start of the Cebu’s biggest festival, the Sinulog. The festivity culminates on the third Sunday of January with a boisterous and colorful street dancing but on the […]


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Seasonal Fish and Oysters Market
Seasonal Fish & Oysters Market: A refined dining concept in Bangkok

I wasn’t really prepared for what awaited me that night when Nicole of Westin Bangkok invited me for dinner at Seasonal Tastes restaurant. Although she mentioned about a fresh seafood spread, I was shocked to see for myself the sheer variety at the buffet table. Crustaceans including rock lobsters, brown crabs and langoustines among the […]

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Discovery Shores Boracay

Every one of our 520 small, independent hotels has one thing in common: excellence. We’ve carefully selected each one to celebrate their individuality, quirks and character, but also make sure they are of a consistently high standard. We don’t settle for ‘so so’… Sophisticated beach resort beside White Beach, the most prestigious stretch of coast […]

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