Christmas in the Philippines

Christmas is all around in the Philippines

It’s December and it’s not just the cold temperature and shorter days, but almost everywhere in the Philippines, you will almost, always stumble upon something that will remind you of the festive season: Christmas carols on radio, decors in many buildings, malls and houses, vendors selling lanterns and Christmas stuff and all these mall sales, […]


Where to stay

Cafe Marco vegetarian dishes
Cafe Marco Cebu whips up refreshing vegetarian dishes

Not many people find vegetarian food options interesting. But I do, although I’m not vegetarian myself. When it comes to this kind of food, it’s not always about salads and dressings, raw vegetables with dips or faux meat but all about colors, textures and, of course, taste. It was thus a good opportunity when I […]

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Midori Inn Davao

I love small inns and hotels, especially those that upon entering the room surprises you with its simplicity without sacrificing comfort. And Midori Inn in Davao City is one of those establishments. The bed is comfortable, working aircon, fast wifi and a clean space. Midori Inn is quite small, almost nondescript but not shabbily setup. […]

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